5 Reasons to Play Outside – Mother Nature – your natural healer

by Jul 20, 2018Fit

#1 Anxiety & Depression

Mental healing is right outside your door.  Studies have shown that people who live close to green space or natural areas are less likely to suffer from anxiety or depression.  This comes as no surprise to me and makes me wonder if that was the draw of our first and current home.

#2 Lowers Cortisol Levels, Heart Rate, Blood Pressure, Stress Levels and improves Heart Health

Spending time in the woods hiking has been proven to improve health and stress levels. Doesn’t that make you want to tie on your tennis shoes?


Many adults and children can feel improvement when spending time in nature.  Somewhere I read the saying “Nature Deficit Disorder”, this one makes me chuckle and truly allows the sentiment to sink in.  Might this simple, free solution allow many to find relief from the “monkey brain”?

#4 Sleep Improvements & Longevity

Sleep aids are so popular nowadays.  If a loved one is having trouble getting a great night’s rest, simply invite them to spend time with you outside, at a picnic, on a walk, or sipping your preferred beverage.  Researchers have also proven that those spending time enjoying the outdoors tend to live longer, healthier lives which, in turn, improve sleep patterns.

#5 Vitamin D

The sun always makes me smile.  What about you?  A recent study stated that healthy sun exposure could help cut breast cancer risk in half.  Another study showed a common link:  patients with Vitamin D deficiency were more likely to suffer from Parkinson’s Disease, bone disease, blood clots, diabetes, heart disease, and high blood pressure.

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