An Ode to the Sun from Her Number One Fan

by Sep 20, 2017Fit

“Goodness comes out of people who bask in the sun, as it does out of a sweet apple roasted before the fire.”  Charles Dudley Warner

It’s a well-known fact that a lack of vitamin D is linked to depression. Not only does sunshine cheer you up and give you energy, it also has many health benefits.

As someone who absolutely worships the sun, I totally get it! I have always enjoyed the warmth of the sun kissing my face as well as my entire body (by the way, my top 3 favorite sun-soaked destinations are Maui, Capri and Aruba).  I don’t enjoy being cooped up in a dark, dreary cold place.

It brings up important questions about where we choose to live – and how we choose to live. Believe it or not, we all have the ability to influence these choices in some way.

So today I ask you, where do you choose to live from?    Are you living from a place of sun and light? If not, why not? What holds you in a place of ‘darkness’?  How does that serve you?

If you’re not able to live in a light-filled space or location, you can measure and improve your state of well-being in plenty of other ways. For example, you can look at how well you’re sleeping and eating. Or how much you’re moving and exercising.

You can work out whether you’d feel better by spending more time exercising, and if so, what amount you’d comfortably enjoy each day? Also ask yourself these questions:  How is the balance between work and play? How can I better align these with my goals? Am I in need of more fun?  What would that look and feel like?  What experiences am I missing?  What would it take to enjoy more excitement?

How am I making myself feel special, beautiful, and sexy? (Try an invigorating essential oil spray, sea salt or body scrub to illuminate your skin, a soak in the tub, hot cup of tea or great book.)

As for me, my sweet spot is sunshine. Even a five-minute bask in the sun makes me joyous.

What is that “goodness” that Charles Dudley Warner spoke about for you?  Spend five or twenty-five minutes enjoying it.   You deserve it.

I have moved you to an enthusiastic yes!  You deserve it.

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