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This Pose Will Change Your Perspective in Less Than One Minute

 “When you change the way, you look at thing, the things you look at change.”  – Dr. Wayne Dyer

My life has not been easy and there were times when it just plain sucked.  Like out of control crazy.

My son was in Kindergarten, my daughter was home from Guatemala and now 2, and my husband was on a donor list for a double organ transplant (kidney and liver).  The economy of 2009 was hitting hard and we were trying desperately to sell a house that I could no longer care for with everything else going on.

One day I felt despair and truly couldn’t figure out how the heck I was going to make it another day.  I just couldn’t see the hill upward from the deep, dark valley I was slipping further into.

I finally turned on the Christian radio station and heard a song I loved.  I started singing along and by the end of the song, I realized I was blessed.  Though my husband was not in the state of health he was in when we’d married 10 years earlier, he was alive.  If alive, this meant he qualified for organ donation.

I finally started to change the way I was seeing things.  I decided to wake up each day as if God was showing me a movie and I was just an actress in the movie.  I just started to go with the flow.  Incredibly, I began to feel light during what was a very heavy time, emotionally and physically (I was gaining weight).

I became at peace knowing he had an opportunity for a life-saving transplant each day that he was alive.

The beauty of Down Dog

Now, I wish to inspire you to look at a situation you’re struggling with and flip it upside down like your Down Dog pose.  Get a new perspective.

How does your world really look? 

Could it be worse?  Is it truly that bad? 

Are there things in your control that you can make better?  Can you perceive things differently?

Need a jump start?  Walk through the ICU in your local hospital or volunteer in a homeless shelter.  You will surely begin to feel blessed.

Today, my husband is happier and healthier than the day we met (he got his transplant in 2009 year), my son is fifteen years old and my daughter is eleven years old.  I am now a business owner teaching the art of activated living and loving every minute of it.

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