Exclusively for high-achieving women who want more from life:



Yearning for a deeper, richer, more fulfilling life… one where you glow from the inside out, feeling fully aligned with your purpose and the difference you want to make?

If you’re like many high-achieving women out there…

On paper, it looks like you have it all.

Some might even use the term, ‘Instagrammable.’

After all, you’ve created and achieved so much to be grateful for in this lifetime.

Whether that’s a beautiful family, high income, a loving spouse, a wonderful home, or the ability to travel the world…

You enjoy the worldly pleasures many only dream of having.

Then why is it you still feel so…


It’s because you seek deeper fulfillment! A more meaningful purpose! The ability to truly satisfy your heart’s desires!

Perhaps you:

Have climbed the corporate ladder with a wide range of accomplishments… but still feel unfulfilled

Are knee-deep in unsatisfying work that leaves you feeling exhausted and unsatisfied

Feel tired of self-development work not sticking, no matter how hard you try

Are the main person others come to for advice but have nowhere to turn when you need to bounce around your big idea

Feel lonely and misunderstood because people don’t see the possibilities or the world the way you do (and just don’t get it)

You’ve created a wonderful life, but you know there is more out there for you.

Something bigger. Something life-changing — even earth-shattering.

You are here for a reason.




But what does your ‘more’ look like?

Maybe you don’t know, yet. But ONE thing is for sure…

…Life is too short to ignore this calling.If you’re ready to live your finest life full of purpose and fulfillment…

This high-touch, individualized one-on-one program was designed especially for you.



The Exquisitely Aligned Concierge Experience is a 6-month, individualized journey to help you hone in on your natural gifts, align with your purpose, draw inspiration from within, and live your dream life through fast and everlasting transformation!

With personalized one-on-one guidance and on-demand, text or phone support when you need it — This program is as unique as YOU!


Let’s discuss if The Concierge Experience is for you…

Here’s the thing… we’ve been taught to look outside ourselves for answers.

And many spend their lifetime searching.

But deep down inside, you KNOW that the answers live inside you.

But how the heck do you do that?!

Here’s how you do that in practical terms…

Sure, we live in a world begging us to conform. But you don’t have to lean into that!

Maybe you can’t put it into words, but something has always set you apart from the crowd. You’ve never “fit the norm.”

So when it comes to ‘one-size-fits-all’ programs, approaches, or advice, they most likely will NOT apply to you…

Because you are unique, your journey will also be 100% unique.

You were born with a specific purpose, calling, truths, desires, and innate gifts. So, following an approach that promises it works for ‘everyone’ won’t work for you.

Plus, sameness is just so boring. You were BORN exquisite.

Your dreams are WAITING for you to be YOU.

Once you own your truths, desires, and gifts, that’s where the Universe gives you a big high five!

So the way to start ATTRACTING your dreams is you OWN YOUR TRUTH!

There are truths imprinted on your soul, desires written on your heart, and natural gifts you’re meant to share with the world. Only YOU know what these are.

When you can align with your truth, lean into your desires, and use your innate gifts…

…your unique purpose will reveal itself to you more every day so you can live the life you desire.

Once you stop trying ‘one-size-fits-all’ approaches and start owning your truths, desires, and gifts — you become your own authority.

How does that work in practice?

First, you consult YOURSELF when making decisions instead of looking to other people to tell you what to do.

Being your own authority = alignment with your higher self.

And it’s a decision you must make every moment of every day to live in the freedom of who you are called to be. Trust that your inner knowing will guide you, and you’ll discover more about yourself than you ever thought possible.

You know that feeling deep in your soul that you are here for MORE? That inner voice is telling you that you’re here for a reason and you’re inherently worthy.

I’ve worked with many amazing women who feel this deep sense of purpose, but it doesn’t always manifest for everyone.

Chances are you feel this calling deep in the cells of your being to live a deeper, more meaningful, and fulfilling life.

And no matter what you do or who you are, you are ALWAYS worthy of pursuing that meaning. Internalize this value, and there is nothing you can’t do!

When you feel the twinge of intimidation (and a little bit of intrigue) behind a decision or a moment of enlightenment, you know you’re on the brink of something EXTRAORDINARY.

It means you’re on the path of transformation, evolution, and exquisiteness.

So buckle up and enjoy the ride! Momentary discomfort is worth the value of enlightenment.

Here’s the thing: You have within you everything you need to make all this happen NOW.

You just need the right tools and guidance.

That deeper, richer, more fulfilling life you’re yearning for… the one where you glow from the inside out, and feel fully aligned with your purpose and the difference you want to make — is waiting for YOU to step up and say, “Yes! I am worthy… I deserve this… I’m ready to make it happen!”

You know it’s time for a change — a change that will truly reflect who YOU are, and finally allow you to live the life that is endlessly calling out to you in the wee hours of the night.



An individually tailored, 6-month personal guidance and support package designed to help you uncover those inner answers you seek, bring them into vivid life, and set you up to step into the deeply fulfilling life you’ve felt calling your name for YEARS

… but were too busy helping others; too busy putting out fires; too busy doing what’s expected; and too busy focusing on what society believes is admirable and fulfilling (instead of going with your gut feelings and instincts).

It’s not just about having a personal development makeover — it’s about getting aligned with the KNOWING you’ve always had, deep inside, that you are here for bigger things… more joy, more memorable experiences, deeper relationships, and being the epicenter of a ripple effect that sprinkles goodness the world over.

This is a transformative journey to recognize and unleash your true gifts & talents, reconnect you with your soul-level truths, and fulfill your deepest, most heart-felt desires.

When you do this your most fulfilling life becomes inevitable.

From this point on, you are ALWAYS on purpose (and your unique purpose becomes more obvious to you with every step).

You effortlessly receive inspiration from deep within your soul. You no longer need to search for your next guru because you are the knowing one… YOU are now the guru of your life.

I’ll help you unleash your truest self, fulfill your greatest desires, and become who you were born to be.

By now you can tell this isn’t an average program…

…because you’re not an average person.

This program won’t leave you feeling good with shallow results that don’t last.

And it definitely won’t take you YEARS to achieve the transformation you desire (as a New Yorker, that would drive us both crazy – I know you get it).

Trust me, inside this program, I won’t be asking you to reinvent yourself, follow what “worked for my last client,” or tell you “the right way” to transform YOUR life.

Let’s be real, 90% of self-development doesn’t work for people
because it goes outside in — instead of inside out — we are NEVER going to do that!

Instead, I will help you realign to YOUR most profound truths, desires, and innate gifts — and live from those principles daily for the rest of your life.

That’s the promise of the Exquisitely Aligned Concierge Experience.

It’s the process of realignment that makes this program so different and effective — because it’s the fastest path to getting into your pure flow!

With this high-touch concierge experience, you’ll:

Live your life’s purpose by honoring your soul-level truths and desires instead of conforming to society’s standards, trying to fit in, or keeping the peace.

Start embracing, appreciating, and using your gifts and talents, the ones only you possess. Use them daily to experience more meaning and fulfillment. (Yes, you have natural gifts already inside you!)

Feel physically rejuvenated and alive through less stress on your body, better sleep, and more energy. (That’s what happens when you become aligned with your deepest truths and desires!)

Be your own inspiration. You won’t need to rely on gurus, self-help books, or motivational podcasts to feel inspired.

Find your answers within by listening to and trusting your intuition instead of looking outside yourself. That way, you’re always aligned and in flow (no matter what’s going on around you).

Partner with your dreams (rather than chasing them) so the right people and opportunities appear like magic.

In other words…

You will become what you see missing in the world!

If this sounds like music to your ears, book a call and let’s see if this program might be a good fit for you.


Built from decades of tools and experience, I discovered this system during one of the most challenging times in my life.

While this program does have structure — it’s not rigid. You’ll never be forced to fit in some box.

It’s a process to recognize your own inner and unique beauty so you can shine unapologetically and then light the way for others.

While these keys look different for everyone, by the end, you will confidently take a stand for the amazing future that calls to you in the wee hours of the night.

As a New Yorker by birth, I move fast, and don’t sugarcoat things — so you don’t waste any more time trying to figure it out on your own.

This process is about giving a voice to your soul and illuminating the things you cannot see – those missing pieces you’re searching for and longing for.

Because when you reconnect and reclaim those pieces, you feel complete and in flow with everything around you.

You’re free to finally be who you are authentically – what I call “Exquisitely Aligned.”

Life happens in real-time — not just during our one-on-one sessions together.

That’s why a HUGE benefit to this program is you get on-demand access to BOTH Sabine and I by phone or WhatsApp whenever you need support, guidance, encouragement, accountability, new ideas, inspiration, or to process a relationship or situation.

  • Find yourself grappling with emotion you thought you had moved past? Call me!
  • Have a last-minute shower revelation? Text me!
  • Want to celebrate how you handled a situation? I can’t wait to hear about it.

Let us be the best guides in your pocket so you can finally receive the customized one-on-one support you DESIRE for a fast and everlasting transformation!

What’s included…


Throughout the Concierge Experience, you will have 18 personalized 90-minute sessions with me. I’ll ask you the right questions to illuminate your missing pieces and blocks. I’ll also teach you how to use the 3 key proven strategies, so they become second nature.


You’ll step into a judgment-free zone where your voice truly matters. You’ll experience the power of being seen and heard as your true self, igniting transformation and empowerment. Together, we’ll explore, equip you with tools, and bring to light the endless possibilities awaiting you.


Contact me by phone or WhatsApp any time, and I’ll answer (within reason, of course).

If I’m sleeping, at a wedding, in the shower, or otherwise unable to answer, I’ll promptly call you back! 😉


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I’m an empowerment expert who has been stretching women’s personal boundaries since 2003…

I know what it’s like to be so close to what you want, yet feel completely blocked from reaching it.

It’s frustrating and lonely, and not everyone understands this feeling.

In fact, when I started to realize I wanted more for my life, I confided in a good friend only to be judged and misunderstood.

In her eyes, I had a great house, husband, kids, and the ability to travel the world — it appeared as if I had it all. She didn’t understand what more I could possibly want.

But I wasn’t talking about accumulating more things or more accomplishments to check off the box. I was referring to fulfillment, to more of what lights me up.

So I went through the journey to discover what that meant for me…

Which led me to create Exquisitely Aligned.

My 3-key proven strategy guides people to express their finest selves… so you become EXACTLY what you see missing in the world.

My whole life has been a journey that prepared me to help others illuminate the parts of themselves they can’t see or keep hidden. And now I’ve spent the last two decades helping other women do just that.

I meet you where you are, and I’m adamant about this being YOUR journey.

In short, it’s not about me and my process.

I’m here to give you guidance, tools, and exercises to make this journey much faster and reach a destination you can be proud of and feel deeply satisfied with.

I offer my highest level of support in this program.


How much does this program cost?

Because you get both scheduled and on-demand one-on-one support with me, this program is at a 5-figure price point. It is truly the highest level of support I offer! If this is calling to you and you’d like to hop on a call with me to discuss if the Concierge is a good fit for you… click here.

How do I know this is the right fit for me?

If you are grateful for everything you have and achieved, but you know there’s something bigger out there for you, AND you’re willing to do the work to implement these tools and exercises — you are a great fit for this program. If you’re still not sure, we can discuss if this is the experience for you or if one of the other programs would better serve your needs.


What does “on-demand” really mean?

You can reach me any time you need extra support. Yes, as a human with who has a life outside of her business, I may not answer 100% of the time. But I’ll always get back to you ASAP and even leave detailed voicemails if necessary.

What results can I expect from this program?

Expect to get closer to who you really are; your soul-level truths, innate gifts, and heart-felt desires, and feel more fulfilled and joyful, knowing this is the life you’re meant to live.

What if I want to work with you, but are not sure this is the right program for me?

You might have noticed there are no testimonials. The reason is that people’s results are very personal and highly unique. No two clients are alike, nor have the same truths, desires, and gifts. But I have helped hundreds of clients reach their goals. If you want more specific examples, you can reach out to me here: gina@exquisitelyaligned.com 


I believe you have all the answers inside of you and need to trust your intuition above all else.

Take a pause. Breathe. Listen to your heart, your gut. What is it saying to you?

Do you feel the pull for something MORE?

Can you hear your soul-level truths and heart-felt desires whisper to you?

When you hop on a call with me, know that my only goal is to support whatever feels right for YOU.

I’m not here to convince you of anything.

Deep down, you know if this is right for you or not.

Now all you need to do is decide from that place.

With love,

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