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This Executive Biography details the education and career of Gina Maier Vincent. Her story can be found in the Backgrounder.

Gina Maier Vincent, Transformation Expert, is a Dream Activator, Soul Whisperer, Truth Teller, and “Finisher-Completer” Par Excellence. Now she is the Creatrix of Exquisitely Aligned. She helps clients recognize their inner beauty by reclaiming those pieces of themselves that they sacrificed or silenced in an effort to help others. Gina shows them how to shine unapologetically for all to see. And they, in turn, light the way for others.


Gina Maier Vincent’s educational career began early, at the Fashion Institute of Technology in Manhattan, one of the five boroughs of New York City. At this time, she was still in high school, earning college credit. It allowed her to learn what the college offered and pursue her passion.  After high school, she was accepted at the Fashion Institute of Technology, where she majored in Fashion Buying and Merchandising. She received a second degree in Marketing: Merchandise Management.


Gina began her career in New York City with Belk Store Services, the corporate headquarters for Belk Department Stores, a chain of 285 stores located primarily in the southeast United States. They sell designer and private brand apparel, shoes, jewelry, cosmetics, and home goods. A few years later, she was relocated to their Charlotte, North Carolina headquarters. Gina was a buyer and product development brand manager. It was during her time in Charlotte she would meet and marry her husband.

After leaving Belk Store Services, she continued her career in the fashion industry, joining Candie’s Shoes as a sales representative. She then took a sales job at TransUnion and discovered the importance of being true to oneself. She realized this was not her calling because this career choice did not align with her. Even early on, there were many signs pushing her toward where she is today, with her current business, Exquisitely Aligned. 

She left TransUnion and went back to what she loved, creating beauty. This time with a custom home builder named Brookshire. Here she helped home buyers select everything from exterior roof tiles to kitchen cabinet knobs and all the fun stuff in between. This felt more aligned as she helped people create homes that reflected who they were.

After being in the fashion and custom home industry, she decided to take a few years off to fulfill a bigger calling after the birth of their first child, a son.


Gina Vincent began to feel a shift toward being more in sync with her spirit when she started teaching yoga classes. It was a passion that brought her great peace and felt called to share this peace with others. In an effort to give back to the community, she started teaching yoga at the YMCA. For her, yoga was about guiding people, shining a light from their destination, and giving people the ability to feel safe to express things with their bodies, to push out of their comfort zone, quiet their minds, and find inner peace through the effort. 

Drawn to beauty and fashion, Gina worked in direct sales, managing her own businesses with Arbonne, a health and wellness company, and later Lia Sophia, a jewelry line. These companies worked in tandem with her love of all things that help us express our inner beauty outwardly. Being a woman that loved fun things like red lipstick and jewelry, she was in her element and always felt free to express herself.

Gina continued to teach yoga and added Zumba, followed by Booty Barre. She was drawn to physical fitness as this was yet another extension of her personal expression. During a trip to Maui, she learned how to paddleboard and it was with this passion that the entrepreneurial spirit really took hold. A relentless pull toward being aligned with her innermost self, to help women, men, and children find joy and peace, moved her to the next step of starting a paddle boarding business.


Paddle 2 Paradise

The business model served people in two ways, excursions, and group classes. The excursions included equipment, a lesson, and paddling to a destination picnic. Gina created a space where families, couples, or friends could enjoy a staycation; surrounded by nature, feeling one with the water beneath them, and opening up to a deeper and more meaningful experience and conversation. 

The second offering was standup paddleboard yoga group classes. Most of her clients were novices as standup paddle boarding was still in its infancy, especially in North Carolina. Her strong belief in meeting people where they are at carried through into this business as well. Certainly, standing on a paddle board and doing yoga leaves one quite vulnerable. As this was a seasonal business, Gina was driven to do more. She had a calling to go bigger.

Blissed-Out, Fit, and Feisty

Gina’s passion for helping women on a more impactful level (than a yoga class or a three-hour paddle board excursion) led her to found Blissed-Out, Fit, and Feisty.

Here, she began publishing an online monthly magazine with thousands of readers around the globe. She offered healthy body, mind, and soul tips to make life more enjoyable. Each month she included recipes, a mindset hack, and healthy yoga poses, to name just a few items. She also started offering programs. Blissed-Out, Fit, and Feisty remains the parent company today, but the offerings have changed.

Opening to Possibilities Cards

Out of her passion for connecting women with their own kind of beautiful, Gina created the Opening to Possibilities Cards I and II. Each deck of 42 cards was designed to be used as journal prompts, conversation starters, or mindful contemplation. With the use of Facebook ads, she ships to several countries and sells wholesale to coaches, retreat leaders, and store owners.

“A pleasure of the senses… from the packaging to each of the different flowers on the front of the cards makes me feel beautiful within, and the insightful questions allow me to go much deeper into my inner contemplation. They’re a great catalyst for my growth, showing me my strengths while illuminating my blind spots. What a gift to one’s soul path!” — Kassia, Van Life 

With her product development background, she knew how to produce a high-end, high-quality, beautiful product to inspire, and she succeeded. 

Intuition moved her toward a deeper, more soulful place, literally and figuratively. Sharing a lifelong dream with her husband for warmth, sun, and sea, she and her family moved to California in August 2020. Feeling even more aligned with her truest self, she decided to shake things up a bit for herself and her business.

Exquisitely Aligned

Gina felt called to go further still and would not settle for anything less. Holding true to her desire and using her gifts, she created yet another brand under the Blissed-Out, Fit, and Feisty umbrella, appropriately named Exquisitely Aligned. Her goal is to impact women, the world over, in a deeper life lasting way. 

She set out to tackle debilitating, repeating patterns she observed in her nearly two decades of stretching women’s personal boundaries. Ones that she, too, experienced intimately. 

She noticed that when we feel something is missing from our lives, we tend to look for answers outside of ourselves. And that women hide pieces of themselves to help others remain happy. This is a centuries-old phenomenon that leaves one feeling unworthy and not deserving of a more fulfilling life. Gina sees this as an injustice and a cycle she feels called to break.

Her intuition, now even stronger, allows her to illuminate the missing pieces her clients have silenced to keep the peace or sacrificed to let others have the limelight. She’s called a soul-whisperer, as she gives a voice to soft calls from her clients’ deepest part of themselves.

Exquisitely Aligned: the 3-Step Proven Strategy

Now she shares her 3-step proven strategy called Exquisitely Aligned. This was a strategy she discover years earlier when her husband lay fighting for his life and she had to take a stand for his future and that of their young family. 

She helps women reconnect and reclaim those missing pieces to feel complete, allowing them to find their flow and remain in their flow no matter what is going on around them. This is when they are free to be who they were born to be or Exquisitely Aligned.

Gina serves three types of clients:

    • The woman who is ready to be bold and courageous and live life on her own terms.
    • The woman who feels called to shake things up to make the world a better place, and needs help figuring out where to start and how to pull it all together.
    • The woman who feels it in her heart of hearts that she is so close to what she wants but senses something is missing or blocking her.

Although she left New York in her early twenties, she still moves fast. For her, time is of utmost importance and a valuable resource. She speeds up her clients’ journeys so they don’t waste any more time going it all alone.

She never cheers her clients on from the sidelines. Instead, she walks ahead and shines a light, so they can step forward and meet her at their destination. She sees herself as an advocate for her client’s amazing future, something she takes seriously. She knows life and the naysayer may step in their way.

It was here that her entire life’s work truly came full circle. Forming the perfect marriage – guiding women to rediscover their inner beauty and express their truest selves outwardly. 

Beauty is Super Fuel

Her understanding, knowledge, and appreciation of beauty led her to help women with what she calls the art of creating beauty. For her beauty is much deeper than skin deep, she calls it super fuel. From our self-expression through appearance, conversations, relationships, career, and way of living. To fashion, beauty, health, mindset, inspiration, and the internal journey deep to the soul which she calls transformation. Gina goes beyond mindset, career, and health to include such things as color analysis, clothing, jewelry, hair, makeup, and how to create a space that suits your needs, whether your office or your home. 

Even with this momentum, she still felt called to more. When a dear friend suggested she have a podcast, which she also heard from others over the years, she said “yes.” Now, she also hosts the Exquisitely Aligned podcast and YouTube channel. Her love for people and meaningful conversation has her appearing on shows all over the U.S. and internationally. 

Gina is a living and breathing example of being Exquisitely Aligned. She took all of her truths, desires, and gifts and packaged them in one brand. A brand that would help her fulfill her calling to help other women live their finest life. One may consider it a one-stop shop for an amazing future with offerings as unique as she is.






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