In Your Relationships, Health, & Wealth
In Your Relationships, Health, & Wealth
Each one-on-one journey is unique. Your desires will guide what unfolds.
Here is a sampling…

Live life on your terms

  • Balance your time, money, & energy
  • Handle the naysayer, even if the naysayer if you
  • Strengthen & improve your relationships

Express your finest self

  • Discover, share, & master your gifts
  • Identify, embrace, & partner with your desires
  • Value, prioritize, & honor your truths


Make an even BIGGER impact

  • Stand out from the sea of sameness
  • Create beauty in your home & office
  • Explore or deepen your spirituality
  • Create & solidify your life vision
ALL is perfect in your world, no matter what’s going on around you
  • Energy – the perfect people appear & are ready to assist you
  • Synergy – over-the-top opportunities present themselves
  • Vibrancy – ideal invitations to support you arrive
Both include…

Discovering Your Gifts is a 90-120 minute session to get clarity on your gifts, what role they’ve played in the past, & how they will be helpful in the future.

Full access to me including my private number. 

I like to think of it as a concierge service. I want to offer you the finest version of me & my gifts. And yes, there may be times during the journey when you need a quick chat or a question answered between our scheduled sessions.

There will be exercises or experiences to do between sessions.

This offer was created & designed to assist you in the finest manner because this is what I believe you deserve.

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The 3-Month includes – 10 One-on-One sessions. Each session is 75-90 minutes long. For best results, schedule them weekly.

The 6-Month includes – 20 One-on-One sessions. Each session is 75-90 minutes long. For best results, schedule them weekly.


This journey works because it is different…

When you feel like something is missing from your life you tend to look for answers outside yourself, but really what’s missing… is YOU!

I often meet people who’ve been on a life-long journey to better themselves but never feel like they arrive at their destination.

After decades of being on my own journey, I realized true transformation is an inside job.

To read more please read the article that was published in Startup Today Magazine “Why Only 10% of Self-development Work Actually Leads to Transformation …And How You Can Ditch the 90% That’s Not Serving You”. Or you listen in to the podcast Don’t Let Self-Improvement Swallow You Whole or watch the YouTube video.

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Please understand…

Exquisitely Aligned is about you expressing your finest self… living life on your terms. I’ll show you how to become your own authority.

I am here as your mentor to guide you on the transformational journey deep to your soul.

I’ll illuminate the things you cannot see, those missing pieces you’ve left behind, & the blocks that have gotten in your way.

I’ll give a voice to the whispers of your soul so you can reconnect more quickly.

I’ll help you speed up the journey so you don’t waste any more valuable time trying to figure it out all alone.



#Gina Vincent #GinaVincent Exquisitely Aligned #ExquisitelyAligned
What I’ve found works best…
  • We only discuss things you’re going to act upon. This will guarantee that you get the most out of our time together.
  • You will make Exquisitely Aligned decisions. For every decision, we’ll discuss:
    • What’s true for you?
    • What do you actually desire?
    • What gifts and talents are you bringing to the situation?
  • We will show up with emotional integrity. I’ll provide a safe, judgment-free space where you can be completely transparent & honest.
The real magic happens when…

You and I value the journey & show up with

      • transparency,
      • a willingness to be stretched
      • and the energy to follow through

For me, the VALUE runs deeper. I’ll be advocating for your AMAZING future:

      • life on your terms
      • making your bigger impact
      • and helping others in an even more fulfilling way


Two reasons why there are no testimonials…

I value my high-profile clients’ right to privacy.

Outside opinions water down one’s decision.



Testimonials lead to crowdsourcing your confidence. Instead of trusting yourself to make decisions aligned with your heart & soul, you rely on other people to know what is best for you.

You can read more about this in How to Make Soul-Aligned Decisions Quickly and Easily. Or listen in on the podcast episode Don’t Crowdsource Your Confidence or watch it on YouTube.

#GinaMaierVincent #GinaMaierVincent Exquisitely Aligned#Gina Vincent #GinaVincent Exquisitely Aligned #ExquisitelyAligned
The truth…

The life that calls to you is waiting for an answer with an Exquisitely Aligned heart-based decision that aligns with your truths & desires.

From that space, whether you say a wholehearted “Yes, I’m ready” or “No, not now” you make an exquisite decision.

If you’re a yesthat amazing future needs to have us breathe life into it… or it will never happen. That would be a kind of death & I cannot let that happen.

If you’re a “YES!”… then we should talk.

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