Five Benefits to Hammam (Moroccan Bath) – Restore Your Youthful Skin

by May 20, 2018Fit

#1 Opens Pores

You will begin your revitalizing journey in the warmth of a steam room. This allows for a deeper cleaning of the pores.

#2 Softens Skin

Moroccan Savon Noir (black soap) has a buttery texture as it is a mixture of oil and crushed black olives.  Rich in vitamin E, it has exfoliating and moisturizing properties.

#3 Sloughs Off Layers of Dead Skin

Once rinsed you are ready to receive the best part.  You will be rubbed down from head to toe with a coarse fabric glove. You are in for the surprise of a lifetime when you see just how much dead skin you were carrying around a few moments ago.  This refines your skin texture.

#4 Improves Blood Flow

The vigorous loofah rub-down will cause the blood to come to the surface which improves skin health.

#5 Enhances Relaxation, Rejuvenation and Reduces Stress and Anxiety

The healing hands of your tellak provide the same benefits as massage.

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