Hello Brilliant One,

Nearly Biblical Events

The world is going through so many shifts at the moment; burning things off, flooding over, and being shaken.

Whether you’re in it yourself, watching it on the news, or just sensing it like a true empath. 

One may feel as if you’re trapped in a snow globe in the hands of a sugared-up 3-year-old, well at least I did.

What is this all about you might be wondering? Or better yet, let’s get down to what we all really want to know… How do I refrain from being sucked into the exhausting energy of the collective?

Normally I pride myself on keeping clear of energy drains and remaining grounded but since my tidal wave washed me clear across the country, I think my feet weren’t yet grounded. Leaving me feeling like prey in an open field.

I Was Warned

Here I am finally in Cali, living my dream and the fires are at an all-time high. My cousins tell me in 30 years of living here, it’s never been like this. 

My phone’s ringing, FB Messenger is pinging and texts are chirping off the hook with loved ones and friends checking on me. 

All this concern began wearing on my nerves. Their fearful concern was having a negative effect on me energetically.

I found myself waking up panicked, heart racing, and fear of the imaginable.

One night, in the midst of my panic, I had a brilliant idea.  In order to remain safe, I would sleep on my paddleboard anchored in the ocean. 

This proves just how nutty I was feeling! 

It was crazy… my mind was screaming, my thoughts were scattered and my heart was racing. 

I dreamt of returning to blissed-out. I had become so far from my true center and worried about how I would return.

Finally, I became grounded enough to start some trustworthy yoga breathing which eased my racing heart and mind. Slowly I was coming back slowly to myself, Gina, centered, and blissful.

The truth, I was safe. The fires were not near me. The smoke was abundant enough to hide the sun and blue sky for a few days. And my car was covered with ashes. The feeling of death was lurking. But I was safe.

As an empath, I was uncomfortable enough.

Simple Yet Powerful Reminder

I needed to remind myself that 2020 is a pivotal year, a time of burning off, flooding, and rattling the status quo SO the new more beautiful, bountiful and bold world may arrive.

Next, I worked on my foundation preparing it for the new world. I continued to focus on setting up my home, taking care of my hubby, kids, and animals, and of course myself. (Returning to cooking now that we were out of hotels and out of boxes for that matter.)

Taking walks to enjoy the weather, the mountains, the foliage, and meet my new neighbors.

As I started doing each of these things, I found my anxiety dissipated and my bliss factor began rising.

Have You Felt It?

If you ever feel this way, please know that you have the right to tell loved ones and friends, ‘thank you for the concern, but I am safe and will let you know when I need help.” 

Also, tap into those things that add to your bliss – like breathing exercises, nature, healthy foods, pampering yourself with a motivational book, a peaceful soak in your favorite bath salts (add candles for ambiance)… whatever you desire.

It’s your right as a Goddess to protect your light, your energy, and your bliss! 

As you keep sacred your energy you’ll be able to shine and radiate your healing love and light. 

You are here at a pivotal time and place for just that. Honor yourself today by working for a few minutes on your foundation. 

This is a great way to move into the new world.

Something Simple That Brightens My Day And Relaxes My Mind

Music makes my heart dance.  Lately, my go-to is Sirius XM Chill. I like to sit out back with a mug of hot tea in the early morning, a glass of water with lemon during the day or an adult beverage at night, and enjoy the music. It reminds me of being on vacation and relaxing at the pool or beach.



If you have Spotify, click here for a sampling:  https://open.spotify.com/playlist/6YHfGt9KqNIuSD586EVOk0

What’s one thing you do in honor of yourself? And how does it make you feel? Can’t wait to hear from you, simply click here or hit reply.

Love, Light, & Inspiration,

Gina Vincent