Meditation – Sharing This Gift Of Love

by Dec 20, 2017Blissed Out

Have you ever wondered what to ‘buy’ for someone you care for? Let’s put chocolates, flowers and material things aside and step into a whole new universe – the gift of the non-material.

This kind of gift requires only one thing – presence (pardon the pun!).

Here’s what you do.

Find a comfortable place to rest.  Simply close your eyes and envision yourself sitting in front of you.  Gaze into your own eyes and smile.  Take a cleansing inhale and exhale.

Simply say:

May I be safe

May I be healthy

May I be happy

May I walk the world in ease

Repeat this slowly twice more and enjoy each time you wish yourself well.

Rest for a moment and notice how you feel.

Then with your eyes closed, envision someone else in front of you and wish them the same three times.

This is a great meditation for more than one reason.  It reminds us to begin everything with ourselves.  For taking care of ourselves is a priority.  This meditation will also elevate your relationship with the person you wished well.  Don’t let the other person know you have done this for them.  Simply watch what unfolds. A student once told me that after doing this meditation for her husband of many years, she experienced the same love butterflies in her belly when he came home  that evening.   It was as if they were dating again. It was unbelievable.

Another student lowered her blood pressure with daily use of this simple and powerful meditation.

The possibilities are endless.  Enjoy!  Cannot wait to hear about your experience.

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