Mother Nature

by Jul 10, 2018Fit

Alaska is breathtaking! It’s nature at its finest!

Do you remember being sent out to play as a child?  We were and now I follow suit.

Sometimes life becomes SO busy and we simply forget to take a moment to spend time outside.

Nowadays, being connected to the internet is more important than connecting to Mother Nature.  Ever notice that?

I’m saddened when I see women lose connection to who they truly are; their passions, hopes, dreams, desires, even their life purpose.

Maybe I’m so sensitive because it happened to me while caring for my sick husband and our two kids.

One day while he was laying in bed at Mayo Clinic JAX, he asked me, “Where are you going?”

I quietly said, “outside.”  It was almost as if I was apologizing.  Truthfully, I felt bad leaving his side.

Once outside, seated next to a water feature with the sun on the nape of my neck I realized why I was there.  I needed to refuel.  I was disconnected from my core – the truest part of my self.

I had been floundering inside the sterile walls of the hospital, listening to the rhythms of the machines beeping, wishing it was dance music instead.

I was CRAVING the sun, the sounds of the birds, the trickle of flowing water–the essence of life – a vibe that only mother nature could provide.

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