Positive People

by Jun 10, 2018Blissed Out

Detox is a buzzword.  Ever wonder if it’s for you?  Later you’ll learn about a cleansing ritual for your body and spirit.

But for now, let’s talk simple, easy and local with what I call the ‘positive people effect’.

Your time and energy should be treasured because it’s valuable. (You know this.)  There is energy all around you – some refer to it as a ‘vibe’.  You enjoy the ‘vibe’ of one restaurant over another.

Did you ever think about the ‘vibe’ of the people and how it affects your body, mind, spirit, life and your future?

Consider it your vitamins.  Are you taking the right vitamins?  Are they keeping your spirits up and inspiring you toward your dreams and goals?

Some make friends because their children get along (or spouses) or they worked together.  No matter, did you ever truly ask yourself what roles these relationships play in your life?

I am a firm believer in cleaning house; which includes relationships.  If there is a relationship that needs to be let go of simply send the relationship off with love and kindness (not returning the call as quickly or running to the rescue as often.)

Have you ever asked yourself:  how does this relationship make me feel?  Does this person build me up?  Are they truly worthy of my time and energy?  Do they support my dreams and make them brighter?

The ‘positive people effect’ will keep you glowing, inspired and youthful (as well as your path) because their energy aligns with yours becoming the vitamins your body, mind, and spirit deserve to thrive. 

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