Safeguard Your Spirit

by Apr 20, 2018Blissed Out

Have you given thought about how to protect your spirit?

I have always felt that we each have a flame aglow in our heart center a symbol of how joyfully we are living.  You are the protectors of your fire.

Do you believe in this light?  Maybe you have another name for it – possibly spirit, soul, inspiration, the divine….

Our busy lives, along with negativity that can show up in the shape of another person, let’s say, or poor diet can dim your flame.  Please don’t allow that to happen to you.

As you glow brilliantly, you are likely to fuel others and cause a chain reaction.  My passion and purpose is to light your soul on fire to enjoy heaven on earth.

Safeguarding your spirit is made easier with this surefire meditation.  You will remain Blissed-Out.

Thank you, BFF Allie H, for sharing this on Instagram.  I love it.  My magic touch is within the parentheses.

To protect my energy, it is ok to:

change my mind.  (you are a female)

cancel a commitment. (avoid negativity)

take a day off. (or maybe two)

not answer that call. (it can wait)

not share myself. (‘me’ time is vital)

do nothing(daydream)

be alone. (you might be less lonely)

sleep in. (find bliss)

speak up.  (be feisty!)

move on. (the road ahead is brighter)

let go. (you’ll feel lighter)

change. (play big-the world needs you)

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