Want to be part of the Smile Revolution?

  1. Test it out. Smile at someone, anyone, and see what happens.  It can be a stranger or your hormonal teenager.  It works every time, doesn’t it? Plus, it has many benefits:  It strengthens the muscles that surround your lips.  You burn more calories.
  2. It can change your day. Walk past a mirror with a smile on your face and suddenly you are living life like the champ that you are.
  3. Smile at someone else. It truly starts a chain reaction.  The person you smiled at usually cannot help but smile back.  Once that happens you have created the same effect as the Mexican wave at a football game.
  4. Our body can also release endorphins when we do something as easy as smiling.

Can you imagine what your house would be like if everyone living in it was smiling all the time?  How easy would it be for you to achieve your to-do list?  How comfortable would the dinner table conversations be?

What would your work place feel and look like with everyone smiling?  Years ago, in my sales training I was taught that you should smile even on the phone.  The person on the other end could hear you smile.  Amazing – indeed!

What makes you smile?  Are you doing enough of it?

Here are a few quick ideas to get your grinning:

  • Start smiling when you look in the mirror to brush your hair or even your teeth. The latter can get a bit messy, but that may encourage you to laugh.
  • Read a passage from a motivational book.
  • Open your photos in your smartphone and take a moment to find 3 that make you smile.
  • Invite a friend for a walk or a cup of coffee.
  • Turn on your fav song and sing at the top of your lungs.

NOW that your smile is working, face the world and help me create a smile epidemic! It’s free.