The 5 Top Reasons to Twist

by Nov 10, 2017Fit

I’ve always loved twists, not only because they feel good, but because they are so beneficial for us. And as the holiday season starts coming into full swing, they’re a great way to stay feeling blissed out and healthy.

No matter what kind of twist you do, they all have the same benefits. Here are 4 of the main ones:

Improve Your Digestion
Just like wringing out your hand washables, by twisting your body, you close off the blood flow for a few seconds. When you slowly inhale to unwind, the flow of fresh blood and oxygen will increase, which improves your digestion.

Wring Out toxins
The food we eat, the water we drink and even the air we breathe can have toxins. The flood of fresh blood and oxygen we get during a twist helps you detox. I love doing twists after being in the airport and flying.

Make Your Spine Smile
Lack of movement, like having a desk job or flying, can make us stagnant. Also, too much caffeine can dehydrate your muscles. In time, both can cause a lack of mobility. Practice twists to keep supple throughout the spine. Try doing a spinal rotation and getting a 360-degree view in a scenic spot when you travel.

Release Stress
You may find yourself in a stressful situation. Afterwards your body may look like it’s carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders. Twists will help you open your back, shoulders, and chest. This will help realign your posture and breathe more easily to stress less.

Releases Tension Between Your Shoulder Blades
If you carry tension in the upper part of your back, adding a twist will help you free the tension that resides there.

Marichyasana C Modification
Marichi was a great sage as well as the son of Brahma. This asana (pose) is dedicated to Marichi. This modification makes it easy for anyone to enjoy.

Sit on the floor with both legs extended and feet flexed. Gently bend your right knee and place your foot on the floor (it should not touch your inner thigh). Inhale, lengthening through your spine and then exhale, twist your torso, so you can hug your left arm around your right leg. Place your right palm firmly on the floor and draw your shoulders over your hips if you accidentally leaned back. Your gaze can be over your shoulder. You may even see your mat and your fingers of your right hand. Breathe a few long full breaths filling first the belly, then the ribs and now the collar bone. Exhale from the collar bone, then the ribs and finally the belly. As you begin again to fill the belly, let it press against the right thigh. Once finished on this side, use an inhale to slowly open back up to neutral. Rest for a couple moments and then begin on the other side.
Pregnant or following doctor’s orders not to twist you may gently rotate away from your bent knee.
Rest for a couple moments and then begin on the other side.

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