The World’s Oldest Way to Melt Ice With a Stranger

by May 10, 2018Blissed Out

I have been a tea drinker (hot tea for those southerners) since a teen.  While in Marrakesh in Morocco, I was impressed with their passion for tea.  I stayed at the beautiful La Maison Arabe, a quaint boutique hotel.  (Top notch.  I give it 5 stars.)

Daily at three in the afternoon was mint tea time, served all through the hotel’s open spaces.  The weather was full sun dry heat.  Although hot, the mint tea was quite refreshing.

The teapots were silver and the cups were like Mexican tequila glasses.  Really interesting looking.  Not only was their design interesting, but so was the way the gentlemen poured.  They would stand up tall, lift the teapot high up in the air and pour the hot liquid until the little glass was full.  To this day, I’m amazed by how not one drop ever seemed to miss the cup.   Traditionally, in Moroccan homes, it is the honor of the eldest male to serve.

The fancy pot, along with the beautiful glasses, the silver platter that held it all, and the impressive way they poured made me feel extra special.  I felt like royalty.

This tea ceremony was a reason for us to come together and connect socially.  I have such fond memories of the camaraderie of sipping tea with the other guests.    Drink tea, taste sweet delights and drum up conversation amongst what would otherwise be strangers.

Humans are social creatures.  It only seems natural for this exchange over a spot of mint tea to take place.  I adore coffee shops and wine bistros for this “coming together” of society.  Sometimes life becomes busy and out of control.  We allow our career, or our schedules get the best of our days.

Is today the day to invite a friend to socialize over a cup of tea (or glass of wine)?

5 Teas to delight while boosting health and vitality:

  1. First thing in the morning:    Health King “Diet Master” this tea was introduced to me by my acupuncturist.  It supports weight management with a delicious blend including Green tea, Chinese Rhubarb, and Astragalus.
  2. Hot summer days or a strong workout: The Republic of Tea “Get Hydrated”.  Need I say more.  This is my go-to tea on a summer day.  You can enjoy it hot or cold.  The blend of Green Rooibos, Hibiscus, Dates, Black Limon, Rosehips and Black Currant smell as good as it tastes.
  1. For digestion support: Yogi “Ginger”.  This tea is caffeine free and tasty.  It is naturally warming so I love drinking this mid-afternoon in the cold weather.  Ginger promotes balance and harmony in the digestive area.  Be sure to read you thought for the day on the tab of the bag.  It will delight you.
  2. Royal Vitality: The name says it all.  Yogi Tea “Ginseng”.  This is a caffeine free blend to boost mental and physical energy in men and women.  I enjoy this as needed.  While sipping enjoy your thought for the day.  I love Yogi Tea brand for going the extra step.
  3. End of the day: Chamomile tea has a calming effect and may assist in your sweet dreams.

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