My maternal grandmother, Frances Di Pietro, passed on a legacy that has helped to shape who I am today. And exactly what it is might well surprise you.

Nana was a spiritual woman who knew her way around the kitchen and a sewing machine. As each of her three daughters married, she whispered a parting piece of advice: “Be sure to wear your lipstick when their husband arrives home.”  Unfortunately, she lost her husband when their youngest was a teenager.  She worked many years in the fashion industry and always looked stunning.

I never asked her why.  Certainly, I have my suspicions.  Many in the yoga and well-being world go for the natural look, but I find lipstick fun and flirty and can usually be found wearing a vivid shade of red I feel ‘finished’ when I wear my lipstick. I even wear lipstick to teach.  One day a neighbor’s husband commented, “you are the only woman I know who looks good to work out.”  Once I explained he smiled, nodded, and said wow, that’s makes sense.  The point here is not that you need to wear lipstick, but rather to make sure you are making time to keep yourself looking and feeling FAB.  It could be something simple like lip gloss.  Maybe it’s a facial scrub or a clay masque to bring your youthful skin to the forefront.  For me, it’s about taking care of yourself from the inside out – and the outside in. This means everything from tending to what you eat, honoring your emotions, keeping fit and yes, paying attention to the way you look.

I recently had a delightful conversation with a student of mine who is a stylist and dreaming of going out on her own.  After all, she had been doing this unpaid for years for all her BFFs.  But now was the time to make the break and start her business in this hugely competitive field. When I asked her why she liked helping women pull together their look for a wedding, a job interview, or date night, she replied, “when we look our best, we feel our best.”

That’s it!  She loves helping her girlfriends feel beautiful as they enter a crowded room.  She knows their spouse finds them more attractive when they exude confidence.  That was her gift.  She wants people to look great so they feel sexy, stunning, invincible and confident …essentially the best version of themselves.

For that alone, she is sure to be a “rock star” stylist.

When I pass a mirror, I want to see:  blissed-out, fit, and feisty.  (I would probably say the lipstick is the feisty.)  What makes you feel powerful?