Elevate Your Inner Goddess: Luxury Retreat

Spring 2022!!!

If you’re a woman who knows there’s ‘MORE’ to you, with ‘MORE’ waiting for you and you are ready to flow into your expansive ways of being in this beautiful world of infinite possibilities… then it’s time to elevate your inner goddess…

You owe it to yourself, your loved ones, and all whose lives you touch to experience your Blissed-Out, Fit & Feisty life that’s waiting for you.

Hi Radiant Soul!

Sipping on an ice-cold drink as the setting sun slowly slips below a glittering blue ocean, you can’t help but smile as you think back over this breathtaking day that you’ve just experienced.

From blissful, gentle morning yoga on the wide, sandy beach…to reconnecting to your true essence and recapturing your deepest desires with an amazing group of like-hearted women.  It all feels SO perfect, like coming home.  As if your soul has been calling you to this exact place and time.

You can’t remember the last time you felt so on-purpose, so ful-filled, and so em-powered, ready to unlock your ultimate blissed-out, fit & feisty life.

You know you’ll be returning home with more love, more passion, and feeling as if your soul has been elevated. Equipped with a  greater connection to your true essence, now able to give to your loved ones, to your community, and the world at large your ignited blissful passionate self.  Looking back to this experience, this soul exploration has been life-changing for you, and you are now ready to apply those changes in your career and in your personal connections.

Is this you…

You see the world from a different perspective than the majority

You feel a calling in your soul for ‘something more‘, and are ready to discover the keys to fully unlock your inner goddess

You’ve been questioning whether you are doing all you can with your gifts, talents, and abilities

You’re committed to elevating the awareness and energy of those around you, and creating life-changing experiences for them

I’m here to share that you might not know the exact path to get there… but in your heart, you know you’ll feel it when you’re on the right track.

If you’re smiling from ear to ear, this is for you!


So, why should you join us?

Simple, this is the PERFECT environment for you to embrace yourself, reconnect with your joy, and receive the clarity you’ve been searching for.

Your magical days here in paradise will be filled with deep inspiration, shared wisdom, nourishing meals, grand experiences to tie it all together… plus a healthy dose of outright pampering. Well, you deserve it!

Each day you’ll experience life-altering leaps — in the company of incredible like-hearted women who support and encourage you to step into your greatest self and most rewarding life.

The Elevate Your Inner Goddess Retreat on Maui is JUST what you’ve been looking for to uplift your soul, honor your body and inspire the confident energy you desire to craft the life of your dreams.

Plus we’ll be experiencing incredible, energy-reviving adventures including a trip to Haleakala volcano, O’O Farm, a relaxing spa, just to name a few.

Your spirit will soar. You will feel connected to the real YOU again. And you’ll be ready to step courageously into your essence as a goddess, living the life of your dreams.



Your Stunning Location…

Your high-end luxury hotel sits on 15 beachfront acres, with access to Mokapu Beach lined with beautiful palm trees and sandy beaches. 

You’ll be experiencing five fabulous nights of luxurious accommodations, breathtaking landscaping, four cascading outdoor infinity pools, and gourmet restaurants including the home of celebrity chef Masaharu Morimoto, best known for Iron Chef.

Enjoy the gorgeous pools, take a stroll along the secluded beach, or simply find a shady spot beneath a palm tree to sit and enjoy an ice-cold drink while taking in the view. This is YOUR time to rest, reconnect, and most importantly to receive clarity for your blissed-out, fit & feisty future.

During your stay, you’ll have access to an array of onsite experiences such as hula lessons, snorkeling, guided kayak tours, and mixology classes just to name a few.

Your shared room is spacious, luxurious and beautifully decorated. And, there’s complimentary high-speed wi-fi. Of course.

Believe me, everything about this incredible Elevate Your Inner Goddess Retreat on Maui experience will exceed your expectations.

Hand-selected excursions to enhance your experience, because you deserve it!

To enhance your Inner Goddess experience, we’ll explore the island’s natural beauty and health benefits including:

Haleakala volcano is a magical place, it brings wide warm smiles of amazement to every visitor’s face, as they feel as though they could just reach out and touch the sky… and who knows some days you can truly touch the clouds.  You will be sure to feel the energetic vibe as you take a gentle hike and reconnect with nature.  The photo opportunities here are abundant.

Why not chase the setting sun over the blue waters on the luxury of a sailboat while sipping your favorite drink.  The fiery colors of the sunset are sure to melt your heart and spark your soul on fire, while a gentle breeze sweeps through your hair. Well, that’s if it’s longer than mine.

Hawaii is rich in culture and healing arts, you’ll be pampered with a traditional form of Hawaiian massage, allowing your muscles to melt into sheer bliss.

An upcountry adventure to experience the bounty of Maui’s luscious farmlands, stopping along the way for a well-deserved glass of wine at one of Maui’s premier vineyards, naturally!

The Elevate Your Inner Goddess Retreat fulfills your deepest yearnings…


  • empowers you to step courageously into your life’s role
  • illuminates your blind spots so you can unlock your inner goddess
  • shifts your mindset from half full to overflowing
  • together we’ll begin to design your goddess life plan to create your Blissed-Out, Fit & Feisty life
  • nourishes and nurtures your body, mind, and soul with empowering transformational workshops
  • inspires you to live in love while lighting the way for others

This once in a lifetime experience will unleash your soul’s energy from the inside out…


  • You love the idea of INSPIRATION and TRANSFORMATION with a group of amazing, like-hearted women
  • You’re SO ready to receive clarity about your authentic self, your thought processes, and your belief system, along with your next steps to fulfill your life’s purpose
  • You’ve always felt drawn to experience Maui… with its rich culture, history, endless blue ocean, mountains, rainbows, and vibrant natural beauty
  • You’re craving the nurturing energy and visual beauty of one of the most stunning Hawaiian islands
  • You’ve been yearning for an uplifting tropical getaway (without having to do ANY of the organizing yourself). Yay!

What Makes Your Inner Goddess on Maui Extraordinary…


  • Five nights accommodation at the luxurious Andaz Maui Wailea Resort, double occupancy (yes, there are 2 separate beds)
  • Empowering daily group sessions to unlock your ultimate Blissed-Out, Fit and Feisty™ life
  • Sublime morning yoga sessions (when possible) at the beach overlooking the glittering Pacific ocean
  • All mouth-watering meals, water, and soft beverages
  • A stress-melting massage
  • A trip to the awe-inspiring Haleakala volcano
  • A day trip exploring the upcountry
  • An evening sail to soak in the beautiful Maui sunset
  • All tips for meals, services, and excursion are included

The bonuses you won’t want to miss… because they’re phenomenal

Enjoy two bonuses…

Maui Goddess Early Bird Package Valued Over $2,300 (date to follow)

This package is for the woman who knows what she likes and is ready to make a decision.  She’s solid in her ability to know what’s right for her because she feels it with every cell of her being.  As a reward for committing to the experience during the Early Bird Special, she will enjoy a savings of over $2,300.

Here’s what’s included:

  • a 10% savings on the Maui Retreat
  • one private coaching session with Gina on location


Single Full Payment Bonus Valued at $1,500
(date to follow)

For those of you who pay in full upon registration, I’m going to help you take your life transformation “above and beyond” BEFORE we head off to Maui. I’m going to gift you a personalized Goddess Life Transformation Expansion Session, regularly $1,500, before we depart for Maui. During this 2-3 hour session, we’ll co-create a game plan for you to transform all the important aspect of your life, including areas such as:

  • Life direction, purpose, and life’s work
  • Parenting with power
  • Strengthening intimate relationships
  • Holistic health & wellness
  • Pursuing your passions
  • Deepening your meditation practice

And much, much more!

The Elevate Goddess Experience is for you if you can feel this already…



Q. I could do a trip on my own; is it really going to be worth the time or money?
Of course, there are countless other ways you can spend your time and money, including other vacations.

A. And yes, we’re going to have a blast, building memories to last a lifetime.  The difference here is that we’re 100% focused on YOU growing from the inside out.

But here’s the thing:  When was the last time you made a significant investment in yourself?  After all, you ARE your biggest ASSET!

Investing in yourself goes far beyond you.  Your personal growth and transformation are gifts that extend to your loved ones, family, and friends.  As you elevate your way of being in the world, so do you elevate those whose paths you cross.

Q. What if I’m not into yoga or practicing yoga regularly?

A. No worries!  While this is not a yoga retreat, I’ve included yoga to enhance your Ignite Your Inner Goddess Experience.  The classes are gentle and suitable for all levels of experience, including modifications, as needed, for your comfort.

Q. What if I don’t experience any immediate breakthroughs?  Won’t the trip have been a waste of time?

A. Absolutely not!  The Elevate Your Inner Goddess Experience is designed to be a catalyst to unfolding possibilities in your life.  Personal growth and transformation come in different shapes, sizes, and times.  Some insights, aha’s, and breakthroughs are more obvious than others.  Some occur at a subtle level, yet are just as valuable.

No matter what, by virtue of you being willing to open your heart and soul to the magic and mysteries of the universe sets the stage for your life to continue unfolding in marvelous ways, even after the formal Maui experience ends.

Q. What’s unique about the Elevate Your Inner Goddess Retreat on Maui that makes it stand out from other adventure experiences?

A. Exclusively in the company of a small, hand-selected group of like-hearted women, we’ll gather to delve into the core of who you are, practice yoga, breathing, and meditation surrounded by the healing energy of the ocean and immersed in the rich culture of Maui.

As your guide and facilitator, I feel and see the connections between what I am teaching and our ever-changing environment to help you appreciate and embrace the lessons we cover in a meaningful way that stays with you.

Over the years, others have noticed how even perfect strangers feel very comfortable around me.  On Maui, I’ll use that ability to help you open up and expand in deeper ways than you might on your own at home.

Q. What can I expect as take-aways from the Elevate Your Inner Goddess Retreat?

A. While each of us has something unique and different within us aching to blossom, you can expect to leave with a new way of thinking, living in appreciation of life itself with a more solid feeling of wholeness from within.  You’ll have ample opportunities to realign your life’s path and discover some hidden talents and gifts that you haven’t yet tapped into.  And chances are, you’ll forge relationships with new women who fast become old friends for life!

The details that make it all work…

May I combine the Early Bird and Single Pay In Full Bonuses?

Absolutely!  IF you pay in full by date to be announced.  This is not just a great way to save money but a nice way to remind yourself that you are a woman who knows what she likes and is more than willing to step up and make a fast decision.

If you pay in full during the Early Bird promotion you will enjoy:

    • 10% savings off the Maui Retreat
    • A private, on-location coaching session with Gina

and enjoy your Goddess Life Transformation Expansion Session, before we depart for Maui. During this 2-3 hour session, we’ll co-create a game plan for you to transform all the important aspect of your life, including areas such as:

  • Life direction, purpose, and life’s work
  • Parenting with power
  • Strengthening intimate relationships
  • Holistic health & wellness
  • Pursuing your passions
  • Deepening your meditation practice

This combination is a total savings of $3,800. That’s something to celebrate.


Andaz Hotel Stay and Arrival:

What if I want to arrive early or stay later?

You may certainly enjoy the blessings of Maui for more than five nights.  There is plenty to enjoy and experience.  Please let Gina know if you would like to arrive early or stay longer and she will gladly tell you the pricing for the Andaz.  You can choose from different room types depending on availability.

I love people but would prefer a single occupancy room, how may I reserve one?

Gina is more than willing to assist you in finding the right room for you.  Please let her know what you would like and she’ll let you know the difference in price.

Is there airport-hotel transportation?

A shuttle will be provided for you if you arrive on Saturday, October 12th.  The shuttle from the hotel to the airport will be provided on Thursday, October 17th.  If you arrive or leave outside those travel days you will be responsible for your own transportation for the date(s) that is not included.


Weather and Clothing:

What is the weather in the Spring?

The average temperature during the Spring is 74 degrees at the high and 55 as a low. You’ll enjoy nearly twelve hours of daylight with sunrise at 6:20am and sunset at 6:30pm.

What should I pack?

You will want to bring layers if you are one to get cold.  The weather in Haleakala is typically cooler as well as in the mountains.   A sweater or windbreaker might be a nice addition.

The pools and beaches are beautiful so you’ll want to pack your beachwear, sunglasses, a hat, your favorite sunscreen, and a pair of beach sandals.

Pack a pair of comfortable tennis shoes or walking shoes for the trip to Haleakala National Park.

Please pack at least one ‘going out to dinner’ outfit.  I love sundresses, but you may prefer a jumpsuit or pants that is certainly fine.

Many of the restaurants are al fresco which allows you to admire the scenery.  Depending on whether you tend to be hot or cold please dress appropriately.



What will the schedule look like?

There will be scheduled times to meet as a group and we would love to have you join in.  There will be times to connect as a group to explore what it means to Ignite Your Inner Goddess, enjoy yoga, explore the island’s natural beauty and experience all it’s healthy benefits.  You are asked to be flexible as the schedule may fluctuate depending on the weather.

Will I have free time?

Yes, free time is built into the schedule for you to explore, escape, and rejuvenate.  Part of the experience is for you to have time to digest the information you receive while in Maui.



Will I be able to stick to my dietary needs?

Please feel free to express your dietary concerns when you place your order.

Are all my meals included?
Yes, three meals a day will be included.


Fun fact:

There are no snakes in Maui.

What’s Not Included?

Is airfare included?

You are responsible for your airfare from you home city to Maui, Hawaii.

Do I need trip insurance and health insurance?

Trip insurance and health insurance are not included but highly recommended.

Do I need spending money?
You will want to bring spending money to purchase those memorable Maui must-haves.


Airport  Arrival:

It’s recommended you arrive at Kahului Airport (OGG) on the Saturday before 3:00pm — and depart the following Thursday from Kahului Airport (OGG) at any time.

You’ll be picked up at the Kahului Airport and brought directly to the Andaz Hotel.  On your day of departure you’ll be brought from the Andaz directly to the Kahului Airport.

If you’re looking for more joy, spirit and connection in your life look no further! Gina is the woman to uplift your heart, nurture you body and activate your dreams…while you’re having the vacation of your life. You will love her and the amazing goddess women who gather in her light. Just do it!

Kerrianne Cartmer-Edwards

Elevate Your Inner Goddess is SUCH a special event. Because I want to make sure that everybody who participates is a perfect fit for this life-changing experience, I’m accepting participants by application only.

If you’re ready to unlock your ultimate Blissed-Out, Fit and Feisty life then apply using the form below.  After you apply I’ll review your application and we’ll have a chat to see if this is a great fit for you.

If you want to be part of the life-changing energy of  ‘Elevate Your Inner Goddess in Maui” the time to act is now. There are ten spots available. Once they’re filled, this page will be taken down.

I cannot wait to meet you.


P.S. During the Maui experience you’ll be empowered to courageously step into your highest powers and most fulfilling roles in life.  You’ll illuminate your blind spots so you can unlock your inner goddess (and goodness).  Your mindset will shift from half-full to overflowing.  Together we’ll design your goddess life plan for your Blissed-Out, Fit & Feisty lifestyle.  You’ll enjoy nourishing and nurturing your body,  mind, and soul with empowering transformational workshops, conversations, and experiences.  You’ll be inspired to live in love and joy while lighting the way for other kindred souls.

P.P.S. You still have time to take advantage of both the Early Bird and the Pay In Full Bonuses. A value of over $3,800 when combined by date to be announced 10 pm Eastern.  The Early Bird has a value of over $2,300 when you combine the 10% off the Ignite Your Inner Goddess Experience, The Feisty Yet Fabulous 21-Day Breakthrough online course, The Blissed-Out online course, and a Private, on-location coaching sessions with Gina.

The Pay In Full option adds the Goddess Life Transformation Expansion Session which is a $1,500 value.  You’ll enjoy a 2-3 hour private session where we’ll co-create a game plan for you to transform all the important aspects of your life.

When you pay in full by date to be announced, you’ll receive both bonuses totaling over $3,800 value.

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