Is it unreasonable to want “more”? Something deeper and more meaningful?

Is it unreasonable to want “more”? Something deeper and more meaningful?

A lot of people might tell you, “Yes, that’s unreasonable.” It’s because they don’t get it. They aren’t like you and me.

They don’t have our yearnings for something greater than the ‘creature comforts’. These things that are wonderful to have… but do not lead us to a more profound sense of ourselves.

Our yearning leads us on a lifelong journey of self-help and spirituality. Something our loved ones, family, and the gals at the country club simply don’t understand.

If you’re with me so far, there are some things I know about you.

There is more TO you.

There is more FOR you.

And it is WAITING for you.

Not only is it waiting for you, it is SEEKING you.

It longs to partner with you to create a richer, more fulfilling life.

Somewhere within you, you know this is true. You can feel it. This truth. This deep calling for more. A calling that others just don’t understand.

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But with this calling, there IS a challenge.

We live in a world that’s begging us to conform.

Every day we’re asked to set aside our soul-level truths to help others stay comfortable. To help them stay in their surface-level understanding of the world.

Every day we’re asked to delay or suppress our heart-felt desires to “be happy” with what is good enough for others. But it leaves us longing for more.

Every day we’re asked to dismiss and reject our innate gifts to live a smaller life than the one we were born to live.

Here’s the real problem.

You know living a life of conformity is not for you.

You’ve already sacrificed enough to see that sacrifice leads to depletion.

You’ve tried to make the most of enough bad situations to learn better. You’ve put enough lipstick on pigs to realize that’s NEVER the answer.

You’re clear that you’re the ONLY person who sees what you see

And that only you can choose it for yourself. No one else can or will choose it for you.

You also know…

You will never receive enough acknowledgment, approval, and praise to fulfill your unique purpose on the planet. Even though they feel good in the moment, the satisfaction is shallow and temporary.

You long for something that cannot be given to you. Something that cannot be told to you. Something you must discover for yourself.

This is where I come in.

Here’s what I believe you long for. What I believe every fiber of your being yearns for.

And that you cannot find outside yourself, no matter how long you search.

You’re in search of a feeling. Well, more than a feeling. A deep sense that resonates down to the core of who you are.

It’s a sense of deep harmony of your mind, body, and soul.

A powerful, exquisite alignment within you that is beyond words. You know it when you feel it… even if you can’t fully describe it.

You’ve felt it before.

You know that feeling. And you want more of it.

It brings you a profound sense of being alive. Time disappears. And you become one with the universe.

I’ve discovered 3 keys.

They have the power to shift your current life into the life of your dreams. These are the 3 areas of focus that bring about exquisite alignment of your body, mind, and soul.


Key #1

The truths that only you can know. They reside so deeply within you that they are invisible to others. I call them Soul-Level Truths.

We’ve been taught to discard our truths and defer to the perspectives that others impose on us. Every time we do this, we become more misaligned with the life we know we’re meant to live.

When you powerfully identify and honor your Soul-Level Truths, your new life becomes inevitable.




Key #2

There are unique desires written on your heart. Not only are they written on your heart, they are the desires that cause your heart to beat faster. I call them Heart-felt Desires.

We live in a world that promotes short-term indulgences as the answer to joy. Every time we accept that invitation to indulge, we move further from fulfilling the desires that make us feel alive.

When we fully embrace and partner with your Heart-felt Desires a fulfilling, meaningful life is the natural result.




Key #3

There are unique gifts and talents that only you possess. You were divinely chosen to express these Innate Gifts.

We’ve been asked to dismiss our gifts in order to keep the peace or make others happy. The longer our innate gifts remain dormant and unused, the harder it is to find our purpose.

When you discover, master, and refine your Innate Gifts you are always on purpose and your unique purpose becomes more obvious to you with every step.



Here’s how I discovered the power of these 3 Keys to becoming Exquisitely Aligned.


Within the first few years of marrying the man of my dreams, our son was born and we adopted our daughter from Guatemala as a precious 6 1/2 months-old. It seemed that life couldn’t have gotten better.

I was happily married with two kids, two cats, and a wonderful life as a mostly stay-at-home mother who taught yoga for fun – and passion.

But before long it all came crashing down around me…

On March 2, 2009, my husband Mark, had both of his kidneys removed in preparation for him to receive my right kidney six weeks later. During the surgery, they decided to remove a large cyst off his liver which resulted in liver failure.

To make matters worse, the hospital denied that Mark was experiencing liver failure. And they kept postponing the kidney transplant. As time passed, Mark kept getting worse.

My dreams for our future life together as a couple and a family began to crack. Then shatter. And came crashing down around me.

He urgently needed to be placed on the cadaver donor list for a kidney and a liver.

My husband’s life was on the line. My future and my children’s future life were on the line.

The hospital was so busy following their rules, they were letting my husband die right before my eyes.

They were conforming to their regulations, their procedures, and health insurance. Their treatment was compartmentalized with each problem treated in isolation. They refused to adapt and work together to save Mark’s life.

No one wanted to look bad or take decisive action. Keeping their egos intact was much more important to them than saving my husband’s life.

Conformity is great when everything is known and predictable. But Mark’s situation was no longer predictable… it was life-threatening.

Since the hospital refused to do it, here’s what I had to do…

I took an unwavering stand for Mark’s unlived future.

I stood 100% for Mark seeing Kai become an Eagle Scout, graduate from high school, and be accepted into the Iovine & Young Academy at USC, even though he was only 6 years old at the time.

I stood 100% for Mark seeing Sonia graduate from her Spanish-English immersion school and enter into High School, even though she was only 2 years old at the time.

I stood 100% for Mark and me walking hand-in-hand on the beach near our dream home in California, even though we lived in North Carolina at the time.

I stood for all of these things that have now come to pass that would not have happened if I left Mark’s life in the hospital’s hands.

I stood for the future we’re still yet to live as a family. College graduations. Weddings. Grandchildren. And many other of our yet-to-be-fulfilled dreams.

Mark needed me to take this stand. Our family needed me to take this stand. I needed me to take this stand.

So, I took that (fucking) stand. Because sometimes that’s what it takes.

No one else was willing or able to take this stand.

It meant I needed to advocate against the collective conformity of the hospital.

It meant I had to find the right hospital for our situation and get Mark transferred 400 miles away.

It meant I had to leave him in Florida on our 10 year anniversary … while the kids and I headed home to Charlotte, NC.

It meant I needed to patiently (and eerily) wait for someone to die SO my husband could live.

Here’s what happened…

After 8 1/2 grueling months, Mark received his life-saving kidney and liver transplant.

Mark’s miracle happened because we refused to conform to the mediocre approach that was killing him.

Looking back, I cannot imagine a life without him as my husband and the father to our children. Fortunately, I don’t have to.

Here’s what I know.

There’s a life waiting for you.

It’s your unlived, amazing life.

The one that’s been calling you all your life.

The one that infiltrates your dreams and calls your attention to exactly what you need to see when you least expect it.

The unlived life that called you to this very page.

You know it’s calling you. You feel it or you wouldn’t have read this far.


Here’s the problem…

The unlived, amazing life that’s calling you won’t just ‘happen’.

It can’t just ‘happen’ or it already would have.

It needs to be stood for.

  • It needs to be stood for by someone who refuses to take “NO” for an answer.
  • It needs to be stood for by someone who refuses to believe the excuses for why it’s not possible.
  • It needs to be stood for by someone who wants for you, what you want for you.


Yeah, you know where this is going.

It needs to be stood for by someone who knows the journey, who knows how to stand powerfully, and who is on your side.

I want to be that person.

I want to be the person you choose to stand for the life you’re here to live.

Will you let me?

Or will you pretend you don’t need the support? Or that you don’t really want it as badly as you do? Or that now isn’t the time?

There are a million ways to talk yourself out of what you want. What you were born for.

But there’s only one way to have it.

You must choose it. Not simply say, “Yes, I would like that.” Or “It would be nice someday.”

But to choose it with every fiber of your being with the support that virtually makes it impossible to fail.

Are you ready to make that choice for yourself?

Your amazing life has already chosen you. 100% chosen you. That’s why it hasn’t given up on you and continues to call you forward.

Will you choose it back?

Will you let me support you in fully living it?

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