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This story is about a girl who grew up on Long Island, whose intuition and openness helped herself and others through hard times. She discovered her uniqueness and value in fashion at a young age, became a health advocate when her husband fell terribly ill, and now helps others make deeper transformations by stretching them to express their truest feelings and thoughts. 

Her story is about facing the changes life throws at you while being true to yourself, about empathetically reaching others with light over darkness, and being open to seeing what others can’t.

Today, Gina Maier Vincent is a woman on a mission to help others exquisitely align their lives, and this is her story of how she got there…


Gina Maier Vincent’s early childhood was spent in Farmingville, New York. The oldest of three, she and her siblings enjoyed growing up in a quintessential slice of The Big Apple. She is the daughter of immigrants – her father is from Germany, and her mother is first-generation Italian. 

Every home in her neighborhood allowed her to learn about different cultures and traditions. Early on, she was supported in an environment that embraced differences between people and cultures. Gina continues that work today, shining a light without judgment or prejudice like her parents would have wanted.

Young as she was, Gina was uniquely inclined to see a person’s inner workings. Whether playing with another child or conversing with an adult, she was observant, always asking questions, seeking something deeper, richer, and more fulfilling than what was immediately apparent.

After all, kids have questions! But Gina always took it one step further. She could feel what others were feeling and understand unexplainable behaviors. Her parents saw her quirkiness and encouraged her passions, even when she didn’t quite ‘fit in’ as a child. It would take her a lifetime to fully understand the gifts that she had been given.


Gina’s choices in dress were always bold. Gina wore her hair short even when it wasn’t in fashion. She wore bright colors when most people wore muted tones. When confronted by the norms of her age, Gina always found herself walking in a different direction, which suited her just fine.

One night, at the age of three, while preparing for bed, Gina’s mother gave her a pair of pajamas. She petulantly refused to wear them as she thought they were ugly. An argument ensued until her mom finally told her no one would see them, so why do you care? That doesn’t matter, Gina asserted, because she would still see them.

While arguing with children is not uncommon for this age, Gina’s feisty side continued to let out even as she got older!

There was a day when Gina got into a ‘frilly fight,’ as she called it. Putting her foot down when she declared she would not wear the frilly white shirt that was selected for her because it looked like something her mother would wear. To Gina, clothing, accessories, makeup, and hair are all an extension of our self-expression. And she knew her true expression was very different from that of her mother’s.

Luckily, her parents look back at this period with fondness now, saying this was when they knew Gina would pursue a career in fashion and supported her in her journey.

Therefore, Gina was never afraid to stay strong to her truth and desires – even in the face of reasonable parental opposition – and believed in supporting others in their truths. 

Inner beauty and expression was something to be reflected on the outside, and Gina was about to learn much more about letting that light shine.


Gina recalls a time when her parents were shopping for a new diamond. Her father handed her the loupe and taught her how to find the imperfections within the beautiful stone. She never forgot this moment, because it sparked a connection she still uses in her work today. 

Gina believes that natural diamonds mirror people and their life experiences. Each one is exquisite and unique, just like people. They may feel pressure over the years from society, family, and friends about who they should be, how they should show up in life, and what that should look like… but the truth of who people are, even with imperfections, shines through in the end.

That moment observing the diamond with her father, set a path for her. Holding dear the concept that when we let our light shine, we light the way so others can take a bold and courageous step forward no matter what is happening in their world.

In another way, seeing that diamond also helped her recognize the value in all things and an honest desire for the finer things in life! Beauty is a conduit to connect with sacred spaces, positive ideas, and inner strength. Whether that occurs in art, clothing, jewelry, or travel, Gina promised never to stop searching and seeking that thread of beauty that runs throughout her life. 

(Which also means she’s unafraid to pay the extra price for those valuable things, on occasion!)

But her connection to fashion is only natural. It’s in her blood.

Her father’s side of the family were hair stylists and salon owners in Germany. There were even a few furriers in the mix as well. And her maternal grandmother worked in the fashion industry as a seamstress.

Later, in an interview, Gina said, 

“…It was through your image, home, and living spaces the art of creating beauty in your life mattered… beauty is not superficial, though. Beauty is super fuel.” 

Gina found that the underlying thread of seeing value was caring for yourself. Even the simple act of showering and getting dressed when feeling sick shifts everything. 


Gina attended the third-largest high school in New York, the largest on Long Island. As a people lover, her class of over 1,500 students meant an endless supply of possible new connections and friends. 

A high achiever, she placed in accelerated classes, which freed her up in her later years to enjoy the large array of elective courses the school had to offer. 

It was here she started taking fashion-related courses. During the Fall of her junior year, she traveled on Saturdays to take college credits at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City. Once again, she was enthusiastically supported by her parents. 

Following high school, she attended the Fashion Institute of Technology, where she studied the business side of the industry, and her next transformation took place.


Immediately after college, Gina entered the fashion industry. Over the years, she worked as a department store buyer for Belk Store Services to Candie’s Shoes as the sales representative for small chains in the southeast. 

Gina continued her childhood passion for feeling good by looking good. She always felt free to express her inner desires outwardly without fear of judgment. Being a woman that loved fun things like bold red lipstick and jewelry; she was in her element in the fashion world.

She was not afraid to be seen, and that’s something that’s still true today!

Three years after marrying, Gina gave birth to their oldest. She decided raising their son would be a full-time commitment and left the 9-to-5 world. During this time at home, her inner search for self-improvement led her to practice yoga.

As a young mother, Gina found deeper meaning and fulfillment in yoga. She earned the nickname “Blissed-Out” and discovered the meaning of soul fulfillment. While her mother would wonder where this was all leading, Gina knew she had to connect this feeling to her work.

So she started sharing what she had learned. Here, her love for creating beauty through inner peace was heightened and solidified. Gina began to sell wellness and beauty products that complimented healthy living from the inside out.

Over the years, she’s taught Zumba, Booty Barre, Paddleboarding, and Paddleboard Yoga. But it was in her marriage that she found her greatest happiness and her greatest challenge.


Gina’s intuition didn’t just extend to others. It also runs deep in herself. 

There was a moment when she was engaged to the wrong guy… but just 90 days before the wedding date, Gina had the bravery and insight to call it off. 

…Which worked out great for her husband, Mark!

She married the love of her life when she was 30. They started their family three years later with the birth of their son and completed it with the adoption of their daughter. 

For Gina, her life felt complete. The bliss, the beauty she was seeking, had all come true. She had achieved everything she wanted. 

But In 2009, it all came crashing down… 

Mark fell terribly ill and needed specific treatment. Unfortunately, the hospital’s rigid adherence to certain protocols and regulations kept him from getting the care that Gina intuitively knew he desperately needed. Their son was in kindergarten, their newly adopted daughter was just a toddler… the future of their family hung in the balance.

Gina knew something was off. And the men in white were not thrilled with her ardent, non-medical opinions. But Gina was used to fighting for what she wanted.

During this time, she felt alone, unsupported and out of her depth, standing against the system. It took 8 1/2 grueling months of fighting near-endless red tape and a move to an out-of-state hospital, but finally, he received the life-saving kidney and liver he needed.

For many, a situation like this would tear a person and a family apart – but Gina found peace and beauty in the fight for her husband’s life as an advocate and brought her full feistiness and spiritual truth to bear. 

This experience taught Gina how life-changing events in health, wealth, or love relationships might frighten us at first, but now teaches that they are invitations for us to find enlightenment. 

In the darkness, we find the light. In the pain, we find peace. Gina teaches about this invitation to transform in all her work. This is appropriate because she was on the verge of a major transformation herself… 

She just had to accept the invitation.


About a year after Mark’s life-saving kidney and liver transplant, Gina was able to turn her focus back to childrearing and herself. 

Suddenly, she found herself playing catch up with the rest of the world. 

There was a blurriness to her intuition, a lack of connection to those outside her immediate family. It’s a feeling that many people feel after going through difficult or traumatic events, but now Gina felt even a disconnect with herself.

She had given up on the things that brought her joy. While she found strength and meaning in the fight for her husband’s life, when that fight was over, what remained?

In a moment of quiet, an inner voice and the love of a dog provided the lightning strike that would bring Gina back to life.

Literally, while vacuuming one Friday, she heard herself say out loud, “I need a dog.” 

What is this? These are not her words? Gina only ever had cats growing up. Why would she need a dog? 

At the time, her husband was in recovery, and his father had been suffering from Alzheimer’s and paranoia. Gina tried to put Mark and the family at ease in the ensuing family drama. 

What a surprise when she returned from a family trip to find a german shepherd happily waiting on the back steps of their home. 

Gina had tapped into something. She knew it wasn’t a coincidence. Even after finding the dog’s owner, he told her that she should keep the dog! Kiki has since provided much-needed support, protection, and love for the family, even bringing life into the home, with puppy Cleopatra still in Gina’s protection.

This wasn’t a coincidence. It was a reaffirming sign that Gina’s intuition and empathy had fully returned. The guiding force that got her through so many challenges in her life had found light even in the darkest times.

Now, she felt a renewed calling… to utilize all the gifts and blessings she had to help people transform and change into the lives they deeply desire in an even more impactful and longer-lasting way. 


Gina is a connector through and through. 

She sees the threads, patterns, and energy flow from one person to another, from one event to the next. She can see how people think, live, and feel in the world.

One example of this occurred while she was teaching yoga. A man had a very tight hip, and though they moved through the proper exercises, the emotional loss was really bothering him: his father passing, marriage ending, and losing his job – all within a year! 

We often internalize our pain, which shows up in the body. Gina recognizes this pain intuitively and helps others navigate their physical and inner lives. She’s always said she’s never met a stranger. And that holds true no matter where she travels. Gina always wants to meet people where they are, in a space free of judgment. It’s here that she asks the questions most are afraid to ask, realizing that all of us are searching for a connection to resonate our souls deeply with others.

Gina brings this passion for helping and connecting into her relationships with her family and teaching yoga on the beach for several resorts.

Her family can tell you within MOMENTS of meeting anyone, Gina can have them sharing the most intimate details and the giddiest of laughter.


After decades of self-improvement and looking on the outside for answers, Gina realized true transformation is an inside job.

She discovered her trademark three-step strategy: Exquisitely Aligned through her stick-to-it-ness, determination, and fire for living her finest life. 

Now she takes women on a personal journey deep into their souls. 

Gina never wants her clients to feel the way she did once: alone, unsupported, and out of their depth. She helps them reclaim their missing pieces, the ones they hid to help others so they can shine brilliantly and unapologetically like a diamond.

She helps her clients take a stand for their amazing future, the one calling them when they’re vacuuming the house or in the wee hours of the night. Gina carries a light, so they can step forward and meet one another at their ultimate destination. 

Now, Gina creates safe spaces for women to feel their innermost desires. The ones written on their heart. The ones that cause their heart to beat even faster. 

From a young girl growing up on Long Island to illuminating what others cannot see, Gina’s life has been a journey that prepared her to help others on theirs, as we all seek to be in the flow… listening… for our lives to be “Exquisitely Aligned.”






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