Your Personal Soul Shifter

has been stretching women’s personal boundaries since 2003.

She founded Blissed-Out, Fit & Feisty, the parent company, in 2017, and more recently, she launched Exquisitely Aligned, the 3-step proven, proprietary strategy she discovered while advocating for her husband’s future and that of their family. Her one-on-one work is the destination for high-achievers to discover and pursue their unspoken desires for MORE in health, wealth, and relationships. Gina empowers them to define and design the destiny they desire and deserve. She hosts the Exquisitely Aligned TV show and podcast. She has appeared on shows around the world. Gina’s “From Inspiration to Impact” column can be found in three prestigious magazines.​


The 3-step proven strategy to get the answers you desire & deserve.

Prioritize your truths. The ones written on your soul, that only you can know.

Embrace your desires. The ones that cause your heart to beat even faster.

Discover your gifts and talents. The ones you didn’t realize you had.

“Exquisitely Aligned is about expressing your truest self outwardly… 

so you become EXACTLY what the world is missing.”



(can be personally curated for your group)

        • When life throws you a curve ball… it’s your invitation to play. Why you should join the game.
        • Why you can never be greater than how you see yourself and how to choose your finest life.
        • How the overachiever in you is holding you back. And how to quickly and easily shift this.
        • Why you can ditch 90% of self-improvement & still create the transformation you crave.
        • The #1 reason most women don’t recognize their gifts. Why & how to change that.
        • Stop chasing your dreams… they’re not running from you.


“Your audience will be captivated by her personality & delivery. ” – AM

“Her words of wisdom & encouragement uplift & inspire.” – LB

“Listening to Gina is like receiving a vitamin B shot.” – ML


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