Hi, I’m Gina Vincent, the inspiration behind Exquisitely Aligned. It’s so great to connect with you!

I created Exquisitely Aligned with the specific intention of assisting beautiful souls, just like you, to break free from the greatest force. The one that’s preventing you from living the life that’s been calling you. It’s been calling you all your life.

In 2009, while my husband lay fighting for his life, I was fighting the collective conformity of the hospital. It wasn’t easy or pretty. It forced me to stand 100% for Mark’s unlived life. It was difficult and worth it. Our family of four cannot imagine life without him.

That journey, along with deep contemplation, is how I discovered:


  • Why 90% of self-help is counterproductive and takes you down the wrong path. It doesn’t work and it can’t work.
  • The 3 keys for living the life you were born to live and how, as they build upon each other, you unlock (even) more hidden natural powers.
  • How to break free from the greatest force that’s holding your most amazing future hostage. Hint: It’s probably making your life feel pretty dull and repetitive too.

Now I pay it forward, by standing 100% for women (and men) who are ready and excited to live their unlived, amazing life.

Because I believe the Exquisitely Aligned woman and man is the MOST powerful force for good on the plant. If there was ever a time for you to step forward, it’s now!

You need you. Your family needs you. Your world needs you. It’s your time to shine.

What do you say… are you ready to BE Exquisite?

Together, let’s make miracles happen!



P.S. A few little-known facts about me…

What I value most in life – the health and relationships of my husband, family, and friends old and new.

My greatest achievements – the birth of our son, without the need for drugs. And completing the international adoption of our daughter, for which I almost needed drugs. Laughing out loud.

Favorite quote – “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

My greatest indulgence – a deep-tissue massage on a warm, sunny beach in a far-away country (well, someone’s gotta do it—maybe next time YOU will join me)!

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