Since 2003, Gina Maier Vincent a transformation expert has been stretching women’s personal boundaries.

To help women discover their inner beauty, she designed the Opening to Possibilities Cards.

In 2021, Gina discovered & launched Exquisitely Aligned. Her 3-step proven system guides women to express their finest selves outwardly… so they become EXACTLY what they see missing in the world.

Gina is bold & intentional. She’s passionate about appearing & giving a voice to this very powerful message. She can be heard the world over.

She hosts the Exquisitely Aligned Podcast which can be found on Apple & anywhere else you like to listen in. She makes special appearances on podcasts and radio shows like A Quest for Well-Being, The Relatable Voice, and the Dare to be Authentic Live Radio Show, to name a few.

She’s been interviewed & her articles have been published in print and online media both domestically and internationally. She even writes a blog.

You can also find her on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

Gina’s passionate & driven about the work she does because she knows intimately what it feels like to be SO close to what you want & feel something is missing or blocking you.

Her own life has been filled with twists & turns both professionally & personally. For more information about her professional journey, please see her Executive Biography. Enjoy learning more about her personal journey in Gina’s Backgrounder.

She shares step-by-step practical tools & techniques during your one-on-one time for you to continue to live your life… long after your time together.


P.S. A few little-known facts about Gina…

What she values most in life – the health & relationships of her husband, family, & friends old & new.

Her greatest achievements – the birth of their son, without the need for drugs. And completing the international adoption of their daughter, for which she almost needed drugs. Laughing out loud.

Favorite quote – “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

Greatest indulgence – a deep-tissue massage on a warm, sunny beach in a far-away country (well, someone’s gotta do it—maybe next time YOU will join me)!

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