Born in New York during a blizzard. Gina has been on a lifelong search for the ideal combination of sun, sand, and sea.

Her career took her south, to North Carolina, where she met and married her husband… gave birth to their son and adopted their daughter.

More recently she’s made her way out west. Today, she calls south Orange County, California her home. When she’s not at her desk; she’s on her paddleboard.

Gina Vincent is The Escape Artist Expert.




She’s determined to help you release the shackles of what you think – or – what society thinks you should be, to find the person that you are meant to be.

Her mission is to help women (and men) who are grateful for ALL that they have, yet feel guilty for wanting something (even) MORE fulfilling… discover “what’s next”.

So, you can say “YES!” to the life that’s been calling you in the wee hours of the night. And discover and express the desires on your heart… the ones that cause your heart to beat. That’s where you find the freedom to escape the one-size-fits-all life. You become the person you were born to be.

Her own life has had a myriad of twists and turns.

Knowing that she was about to make a lifetime vow to the wrong guy, she listened to her intuition and called off the wedding… just ninety days before D day. Whew!

Years later… she learned to be an out-spoken advocate for her actual husband (the RIGHT guy), who nearly died, when the kids were just toddlers… it’s ok. he didn’t.

And they’re still living their happily ever after.

Experiences, successes, and challenges have shaped who she is today and created a clear path for her to guide you to your destination.

She shares step-by-step practical tools & techniques during your one-on-one time for you to continue to live your life… long after your time together.

Her goal is for you to be Exquisitely Aligned. This is where you experience soul fulfillment on every level.

And, as an Exquisitely Aligned woman (or man), YOU become exactly what you see missing in the world today.


P.S. A few little-known facts about Gina…

What she values most in life – the health and relationships of her husband, family, and friends old and new.

Her greatest achievements – the birth of their son, without the need for drugs. And completing the international adoption of their daughter, for which I almost needed drugs. Laughing out loud.

Favorite quote – “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

Greatest indulgence – a deep-tissue massage on a warm, sunny beach in a far-away country (well, someone’s gotta do it—maybe next time YOU will join me)!

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