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…designed for receiving instant clarity, getting unstuck, removing any existing barriers, and illuminating your deepest truths through the unique combination of two gifted women: a professional Face Reading expert and a transformation expert.

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So tell me something…

Has constant self-improvement (books, podcasts, programs) led to the life and transformation you desire?

If the answer is “no” or “I’m still searching,” then you’re not alone.

Let’s be honest… 90% of self-improvement is a waste of time.

And here’s why…

Most of us, especially high-achieving women, constantly look outside ourselves for answers.

Programs, podcasts, self-help books, and practices collect literal or metaphorical dust on our shelves, inboxes, and mental space. And although they worked for others, there is no guarantee they will work for you.

In other words, we’re collecting so much self-improvement without actually applying the teachings to our lives.

Programs, podcasts, self-help books, and practices collect literal or metaphorical dust on our shelves, inboxes, and mental space. And although they worked for others, there is no guarantee they will work for you.

In other words, we’re collecting so much self-improvement without actually applying the teachings to our lives.

Can you relate?

What if there was a way to quickly get to the heart of what’s blocking your life of pure freedom, passion, and inspiration and know exactly how to break through?

What if there was a method that was not only fast but everlasting because it shows you how to tap into the answers WITHIN?

What if you could confidently know and embrace your life’s purpose, be abundantly rewarded for aligning with it, and start living the life that calls to you in the wee hours of the night?

If that sounds like an absolute dream, then I’d like to cordially invite you to…

Two powerful hours combining Face Reading and expert guidance devoted just to YOU. Receive the clarity you desire and deserve around your life’s purpose, remove your blocks, and only focus on what will bring you passion, fulfillment, and freedom.

That’s right, you are the star of the show!

Every person’s experience with Purpose, Possibilities & Prosecco is unique and tailored to them.

When you join us, know you’re getting a one-of-a-kind experience that will shift you so you can move forward in your business and your life.

You already have the answers inside.

You just need expert guidance to realign with the part of you that knows the answers — instantly.

Unlike working with coaching programs that can take many months to reach a personal breakthrough, we give you that kind of clarity in just TWO HOURS.

Between a private face reading and personal guidance, we get straight to your TRUE purpose in life, what’s blocking you, and how to move forward, knowing your unique motivators and talents.

This transformation is quick and lasts a lifetime.

When you come to Purpose, Possibilities & Prosecco, expect to…

Be deeply seen, heard, and understood by two women who believe in you, your purpose, and all your possibilities.

Receive crystal clear clarity around your life’s purpose, what motivates you, and what drains you.

Find out what’s blocking you from your highest potential (and how to get around those barriers).

Learn how to implement this newfound clarity through expert transformational guidance.

Shift your perspective around what’s possible for you and see yourself (and your life) in a whole new light!

Have fun! Ultimately, we want you to have a great time sipping bubbly (or an equally fun non-alcoholic drink), talking about what’s possible for you, and dreaming big.

We want you to get as much out of this two-hour private experience as possible!

Between face reading and transformational guidance, you’ll get FAST and EVERLASTING results.

But you’re probably wondering…

Why Face Reading?

For this unique 2 hour transformational session, I’ve teamed up with Sabine Kaiser, an internationally renowned Face Reading expert, to offer you a powerful “rocket launch” for your long-lasting transformation.

YOUR FACE IS THE KEY – Your diary of life.

Imagine face reading as a powerful “diagnostic tool” that uncovers what is missing in your life… and that just with one look at your face.

Discover the hidden truths of your past, present, and future through the unique features of your face.

Are you on the right career path? What drains your energy, and where should you invest more time? Who are my true cheerleaders in life? These questions and more can be answered with a single gaze at your face, expertly analyzed by Sabine.

After the reading, I will guide you through a highly individualized transformation process tailored to YOUR needs, helping you integrate these revelations into your life.

Witness the astounding results; some have likened this experience to years of therapy condensed into a single session – that’s how fast and effective it can be.

While face reading alone is invaluable, it won’t be long-lasting if you don’t know how to implement what you’ve just learned.

That’s where I come in…


#ginamaiervincent #ginavincent #exquisitelyaligned #exquisitelyalignedginamaiervincent #exquisitelyalignedginavincent

I’m a transformation expert who has been stretching women’s personal boundaries since 2003!

I know what it feels like to constantly look outside myself for answers only to keep searching and falling short… and realizing I’ve wasted years doing so.

During one of the most challenging times in my life, I was forced to find another way of going about things.

It wasn’t until I started to look within and realign with my deepest truths that I realized I was my own inspiration. I could stop the search for outside guidance because the answers were inside me all along.

So I went through the journey to realign with my soul’s truths and heart’s desires

Which led me to create Exquisitely Aligned.

My 3-key proven strategy guides people to outwardly express their finest selves… so you become EXACTLY what you see missing in the world.

My whole life has been a journey that prepared me to help others illuminate the parts of themselves they can’t see or keep hidden. And now I’ve spent the last two decades helping other women do just that.

I meet you where you are, and I’m adamant and passionate about this being YOUR journey. 

In short, it’s not about me and my process. 

During this 2-hour private experience, you, your life’s purpose, and all your possibilities will be the focus. You’ll enjoy the combination of Sabine’s Face Reading expertise as she shines a light on your light and your purpose.

While I illuminate those blocks that are keeping you from meeting me at your final destination and sharing how to implement what you’ve learned.

This unique combination of two experts will allow you to enjoy a smoother, quicker journey, and give you the tools you need to get where you desire to be.

I’m a New Yorker by birth; I’m fast and don’t sugarcoat things. With me, you get kind but direct honesty to bring you closer to WHO YOU ARE.

You’ll walk away from Purpose, Possibilities & Prosecco knowing what to focus on so you can take those steps toward your finest life much faster and with greater ease and grace…



Sabine is a holistic face reading and behavioral expert who utilizes modern and ancient methods and body language interpretation to translate all information into a life-changing personal message for her clients. 

With her unique skill set, she helps people

reconnect with themselves to uncover their true purpose in life, understand their personality traits, primary motivators, and talents, and enhance their relationships in their private and business lives. 

After working with Sabine individuals and business leaders understand themselves, others, and situations with clarity, have higher self-esteem, enhanced relationships, improved communication skills, and more success and revenue in business.

YOUR FACE IS THE KEY to unlocking your most tremendous potential!

Between myself and Sabine, you’ll be seen and heard and realize your highest potential in just two hours.

You can live a life full of joy, beauty, and love.

You can live your finest life the one that calls to you in the middle of the night.

You can enjoy a more fulfilling career with abundance while making your even bigger impact in the world.

Are you ready to get started? 


If you’re in the Southern California area or willing to travel (it makes quite a lovely vacation spot) — come spend time with us!

We’ll meet at my house; cheers to your 

success with some bubbly (or sparkling mocktail), and enjoy some delicious snacks and great company!


If you can’t join us in person, you’ll get the same experience virtually but in the comfort of your own space.

You’ll still experience the instant and lasting transformation you would in person.

In both virtual and in-person, you get…

Face Reading with Sabine


Unlock your life’s purpose, true motivators, and talents with one look at your face.

What most people learn through months or

 years in therapy, personal development, or coaching programs you’ll receive through face reading in a private unique session.

Expert Guidance with Gina


With the clarity from the Face Reading shining a light on your life’s purpose, we’ll discuss how to implement what you learned into your life. Because the true magic happens when you implement what you’ve learned and let it transform your life from within.

You’ll walk away feeling more aligned with your most authentic self, crystal clear on your next steps, and energetically light and free.

This is HIGHLY individualized to you, so depending on your needs, we’ll give you a helpful takeaway you can continue to use as soon as you leave.

It might be a meditation, a journaling practice, or even a yoga pose to try… who knows? No matter what it is, this tool will be specific to YOU.

Want to Join Us?
You Get Everything Above For Only…

Virtual $428 or In-Person $528

This 2-hour private transformational experience is as UNIQUE as you. 

You won’t find it anywhere else.

Get personalized guidance for fast and forever transformation!


How do I know this is the right fit for me?

If you’re feeling like something is blocking you or holding you back in your business or your life and you’re questioning how to move forward — you are a great fit for this session. If you’re still unsure, we can discuss if this is the experience for you or if one of my other programs would fit better with your needs.

What results have others gotten from working with you 1:1?

You might have noticed I don’t post testimonials. The reason is that people’s results are very personal and highly unique. No two clients are alike nor have the life’s purpose or desires. But I have helped hundreds of clients reach their goals. If you want more specific examples, you can reach out to me here: gina@exquisitelyaligned.com

What results can I expect from this program?

Expect to feel more aligned with who you are: why you are here, clarity of next steps, and a glimpse into what’s possible for you.

What if there isn’t a date and time that works for me?

Don’t worry, we can be flexible! Just email me at gina@exquisitelyaligned.com, and we can figure out another time that works for you.

Is there a refund option?

There is no refund. Trust your intuition when signing up for this program and feel confident in your decision (whether that’s to sign up or not).

What if I need more support than this program can offer?

There are other programs I provide with more high-touch 1:1 support. So hop on a call with me to determine which program is best for you!

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