Discovering Your Gifts & Sharing Them With the World

How do you see yourself?

Are you someone who knows you have a unique purpose in life with innate gifts to share?

Or are you someone who feels like you don’t need to have a purpose or unique gifts to share?

…Honestly, does it even matter?

Yes, it does! 

If you have dreams or aspirations for your life…

…How can you expect to reach those dreams when you don’t see your OWN greatness?

I’m assuming you’re reading this post right now with BIG desires & dreams for your future.

In an HBR article called The Power To See Ourselves, Paul J. Brouwer says, 

In the first place, the self-concept is important because everything we do or say, everything we hear, feel, or otherwise perceive, is influenced by how we see ourselves.”

In other words, your belief about yourself dictates everything else in your life and your relation to it. If we do not see ourselves as someone with a sense of purpose or unique gifts to share, we will find achieving great or challenging things THAT much more difficult. 

We MUST be the ones to believe in ourselves and what we have to give BEFORE anyone else can see those qualities as well.

So if that’s something you’re struggling with – how do you start seeing yourself differently?

Start by discovering your gifts!

I’m talking about those natural-born gifts within you that you don’t need to think about; they flow so naturally through you that you might not even realize they are gifts.

Or maybe you ARE aware of your unique gifts but haven’t experimented, played with, or refined them enough.

I want you to picture this…

It’s your birthday, & you’re surrounded by gorgeously wrapped gifts all addressed to you.

As you open the first gift, you keep revealing more & more surprises as you peel away layer after layer of wrapping.

You start to understand that these gifts aren’t just for your use but are meant to be shared with the world. And when you begin to share these gifts with others, they feel a sense of awe & amazement, & appreciation for you & themselves.

What are these gifts exactly?

They are the gifts & talents you were born with. Those gifts you didn’t think were important or valuable because you thought, “Everyone has these abilities, right? I’m not special…”

On the contrary, you ARE special because no one possesses the exquisite compilation of gifts unique to you & only you.

And when you share those gifts with others, they feel drawn to you & feel permission to get in touch with their gifts.

How beautiful is that? 🤗

As an article in Exploring Your Mind says, 

The way you view yourself will influence how others see you. If you have any complexes, they will manifest themselves, & people will notice them.”

If you see yourself as someone with exquisiteness to offer to the world, that’s EXACTLY who you will be.

The moment you see yourself for who you really are, embrace your gifts & start putting them into practice, the more you latch onto your purpose…

…Because YOU and your gifts are what’s missing in the world.

If you’re reading this wondering where to even start with discovering your gifts, book a call with me! One of the first things I do is dig in deep with my clients, and once they start unboxing their gifts, they can’t stop (& they find incredible revelations along the way)!


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