Blissed Out

5 Golden Nuggets Amidst the Craziness

Hello Beautiful Soul, You may have forgotten about me, but I haven’t forgotten about you.   Gina from Blissed-out, fit and feisty and the Goddess Quiz, here to reconnect and share with you a few golden nuggets I was reminded about amidst my craziness.  I’ve been busy...

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Positive People

Detox is a buzzword.  Ever wonder if it’s for you?  Later you’ll learn about a cleansing ritual for your body and spirit. But for now, let’s talk simple, easy and local with what I call the ‘positive people effect’. Your time and energy should be treasured because...

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Mother Nature

Alaska is breathtaking! It’s nature at its finest! Do you remember being sent out to play as a child?  We were and now I follow suit. Sometimes life becomes SO busy and we simply forget to take a moment to spend time outside. Nowadays, being connected to the internet...

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I Was Ready to Go Sleep On My Paddleboard. True Story

Hello Brilliant One, Nearly Biblical Events The world is going through so many shifts at the moment; burning things off, flooding over, and being shaken. Whether you’re in it yourself, watching it on the news, or just sensing it like a true empath.  One may feel as if...

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Be Authentic

Meeting people is one of my fav pastimes. Have you ever met someone and immediately liked, I mean really liked, them? Those people are usually living an authentic life.  They don’t apologize for who they are – nor do they try to please anyone.  They simply know from...

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