An invitation from the Universe to turn frightened to enlightened

Picture this: you just received scary news that turns your world upside down.

Your heart starts pounding, thoughts are racing, and panic begins to settle in…

Everything moves in slow motion as you attempt to decide what to do next. You feel like life is completely out of control. 

It’s scary, right? 

We’ve all experienced these situations where one minute, we’re thriving, and the next, our lives are threatening to veer off course.

But believe it or not, you have an incredible opportunity to turn this unexpected, scary situation into something beautiful.

In a recent blog post, I talked about the first of two types of invitations you can receive from the Universe:

#1. An opportunity that makes you feel 50% intrigued and 50% intimidated.

#2. A frightening, unexpected situation that leads to greater enlightenment.

Today, I’m covering #2 — those unexpected situations that have the potential to be enlightening (if you let it).

Life is full of situations that come up out of the blue, catch you completely off guard, and scare you senseless. It’s frightening because they are mostly out of our control. 

But what is in our control is what we choose to DO with those experiences.

So what are some examples of unexpected situations?

I’ll start with my own example. My husband experienced kidney and liver failure on the heels of adopting our daughter and while our son was in kindergarten. What was supposed to be one of the happiest times in our lives ended up being one of the scariest. We were terrified he wouldn’t make it, but thankfully received the life-saving organs he needed. And today he lives a healthy and happy life.

Other examples might be getting laid off, realizing a marriage isn’t working out, or experiencing a significant loss. These frightening situations can happen in any area of life: health, finances, relationships, career, etc., that completely throw us for a loop.

But here is where the invitation comes in…

…The Universe provides an opportunity to be enlightened by these extreme experiences.

That doesn’t mean we don’t get to grieve or experience the intense emotions that might come with the aftermath of unexpected situations. But it does mean we get to emerge from the ashes anew!

If you accept the invitation, there is always something to learn, a new path toward expansion, and more strength to gather after these experiences. The benefits are far-reaching not only for you but for everyone you know.

When you accept this invitation from the Divine, you become a shining beacon for everyone in your presence, helping others do the same.

Think about when someone sheds unnecessary weight. They look and feel fabulous, and that energy becomes contagious to everyone around them. People become motivated to start eating healthier and moving their bodies — it’s a chain reaction.

Accepting invitations from the Universe to become who we were meant to be in this world is contagious, giving others the momentum to do the same.

Now, I don’t expect you to start asking for scary experiences so you can experience more enlightenment. However, when you inevitably run into those situations, remind yourself that this is the Universe inviting you to become more enlightened.

Not everyone will accept these frightened and enlightened invitations and see the rewards from their hardship, but since you’re reading this blog post — I know you will. You are strong and capable of handling challenging situations, or you wouldn’t be here!

The more you accept these invitations (both the frightened & enlightened AND the intimidated & intrigued), you get to experience life in a new way, come closer to the life you are meant to live, and become the most authentic version of yourself.

If and when you experience a frightening and enlightening invitation from the Universe, be patient with yourself, be kind. Remember to play, experiment, and explore during this time!

And if you need more support, you know I’m always here for you — just reach out to me at, or you can book a call with me to dive even deeper into this work.

Remember, the Universe always has your best interest in mind and wants to see you living the life you were meant to, so be on the lookout for these invitations!

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