a Transformation Expert

has been stretching women’s personal boundaries since 2003.

She founded Blissed-Out, Fit & Feisty, the parent company, in 2017 to help women discover their inner beauty. More recently she launched Exquisitely Aligned the 3-step strategy she discovered while advocating for her husband’s future and that of their family. Now, her one-on-one work is the destination for the woman who is ready to live her finest future: life on her own terms, making her bigger impact and shining unapologetically lighting the way for others. She hosts the Exquisitely Aligned podcast and appears on shows around the globe.



Why You Can Never Be Greater Than How You See Yourself

How to Recognize & Accept Powerful Invitations From Life

Why You Should Escape Societal Roles, Rules, & Beliefs

How to Make Soul-Aligned Decisions Quickly & Easily

#1 Reason Women Don’t Recognize Their Gifts

Why You Can Ditch 90% of Self-Improvement

The 5 Essential Rules to Live Your Finest Life

Why Reinventing Yourself Isn’t the Answer

Why You Need to Show Up & SHINE

How to Stop Chasing Your Dreams

Is it Better to “Fit-In” or Stand Out?

Why You Feel Called for MORE

Life After an Unexpected Event



“Gina is a living & breathing representation of her brand. It was one of my favorite interviews to date.”

– Hina Siddiqui host of the Corporate Life

“Thank you Gina for your sharing your timeless wisdom… her presence never left me.”

– Valeria Teles host of A Quest for Well-Being

“Gina is a ray of light: beautiful, sensible, and powerful. She is a lovely soul sister.”

– Lucia Matuonto host of The Relatable Voice


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