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Design the future you desire and deserve!

If you’re asking yourself, “Is this all there is?”

Then, you’re in the right space.

When it comes to living your finest life, most people think it’s about trying harder, changing, or perfecting yourself to society’s standards.

Society convinces us that in order to succeed in our relationships, career, and health, we need to search outside of ourselves.

That leads us to believe that we’re not worthy of more.

The truth is living your finest life is about becoming your truest selfAnd it’s closer than you think. I know because this is the work I do.

It happens the moment you decide to be bold and courageous, to step outside the box, acknowledge your authenticity, and value what you offer to the world.


A life where time, money, and energy are abundant, allowing you to enjoy the things that truly matter.

A life rich with deeper connections and (even) more memorable experiences.

A life that’s custom-designed to fit YOUR DESIRES and aspirations.

Life happens FOR you! Your health, wealth, and love relationship take on new heights. The right people appear to support you and your BIG dreams. You find life-long fulfillment, joy, and purpose. You become unapologetically, you.

Your life, rich with meaning and depth, awaits




Hello, I’m Gina, Your Personal Soul Shifter.

I zhuzh you up, quicken your pace, and prepare you to live your future differently than the past.

Together, we’ll find, articulate, and activate the answers you have deep inside you so you can live the future you desire and deserve—your more.

#ginamaiervincent #ginavincent #exquisitelyaligned #exquisitelyalignedginamaiervincent

I’m a New Yorker by birth. I move fast and don’t sugarcoat.

As a female business owner, I designed Exquisitely Aligned to be the final destination, empowering you to live the life that calls to you in the wee hours of the night.


When you settle for less than you desire and deserve, you send mixed messages to everyone—including yourself.


Success without fulfillment IS the ULTIMATE failure!


My work is for the high-achiever who is ready to live their future REIMAGINED.

You realize you “have it all,” the right car, career, and house… and you are grateful. But deep in your heart, you feel something is missing.

You know others may judge you, so your desires go unspoken. Yet, they’re palpable! They’re becoming more difficult to ignore.

You’re ready to step up and take a bold, brave, and uncompromising stand but don’t know where to start or how to make up for lost time.



Together, we’ll define and design your future filled with purpose, possibilities, and fulfillment… the one calling you in the wee hours of the night.

We’ll embrace your strengths, your unique advantage. This is where you stand in your power as your truest self, setting yourself apart from the sea of sameness.

We’ll partner with your desires and explore all your possibilities, even the ones you haven’t considered yet.

We’ll bring forth all the important pieces to design your desired and deserved future.

I’ll show you how to practice intentionality and deliberate decision-making to support your custom-designed, reimagined future.

Sound dreamy?! Let’s make it your reality…

Here is what I offer…

#ginamaiervincent #ginavincent #exquisielyaligned #exquisitelyalignedginamaiervincent
Your High-Touch Guided Transformative Journey!

Personalized one-on-one guidance and on-demand support to help you hone in on your natural gifts, align with your purpose, and draw inspiration from within. To live your reimagined future quickly, easily, and gracefully, click here.

Connect with Me…

If you’re ready to define life on your terms, design it to fit your desires, and feel ready to QUICKEN THE PACE… then you owe it to yourself to make this your highest priority.

Take a minute to connect with me now; let’s schedule a time to chat about designing YOUR future reimagined.


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