Recognize the possibilities that are right in front of you

You know the moment when an opportunity comes your way? 

An opportunity where butterflies of fear and excitement flutter in your stomach?

It’s the kind of opportunity where you feel half intimidated and half intrigued. And you have to decide whether you’ll say “yes” or pass it up (for now).

These are the moments when the Universe invites you to challenge and stretch yourself. And there are two types of invitations you can receive:

#1. An opportunity that makes you feel 50% intrigued and 50% intimidated.

#2. A frightening, unexpected situation that leads to greater enlightenment.

In this blog post, I’m covering #1: the 50/50 intrigued and intimidated invitations.

Many people miss these opportunities because they’re constantly people-pleasing, too busy, or they simply don’t recognize the magic in these moments as invitations to do and be more. 

Have you felt this type of opportunity in your life?

I’ll give you a personal example of a recent invitation I received… 

For years, I was told by multiple people on separate occasions that I should have a podcast, but I had never listened to one nor felt called to start one. So I brushed off their recommendations because it never felt right.

Years passed and I moved from the east coast to the west coast because where I lived at the time didn’t nourish my soul the way I longed for. Not only was I in a different place physically, but I was also in a different place and space in my business. One day, my dear friend recommended I start a podcast, and this time, when I heard those words, the emotions were different.

For the first time, I felt intimidated and intrigued about starting a podcast. I had goosebumps, it felt right, and I felt “called” to embark on this next business venture — to give a voice to what it means to be and live Exquisitely Aligned.

Now, I am nearly finished with my third season of podcasting! I’ve also appeared as a guest in the US, Spain, India, and Thailand. 

Here’s the truth, we are ALL being called to be more authentic and exquisitely aligned with the highest expression of ourselves. 

When you say “yes” to such an invitation, you’re saying “yes” to exploring your gifts, sharing them with the world, and getting out of your comfort zone, and one-size-fits-all paradigms! This is how transformational and life-changing work begins.

By answering “Yes!” to the invitation, you’re telling the Universe that you are ready to accept yourself in all of your exquisiteness, become what you see missing in the world, and participate in this transformational time.

For years, I resisted starting a podcast because I knew in my gut that it wasn’t the right time. But the right time came around when I knew a podcast would align with my desires, talents, and the energy of where I was living — so I said “YES!”

What about you? What invitations from the Universe have you accepted this year? How have they enhanced your life?

The more you say yes to these invitations, the more exquisite they will become over time because YOU are exquisite. 

Take a moment, let that sink in, and connect to your highest self that knows how precious and powerful you are. What happens when you reconnect to that part of you? Do you get goosebumps or butterflies in your stomach?

Now, if you’re feeling courageous, I want to walk you through a QUICK EXERCISE to help you see the invitations right in front of you and how to ask for MORE!

First, look at your life now. Ask yourself where you have been given opportunities in your relationships, career, health, finances, parenting, and other areas of your life. Is there anything you initially said “no” to before but are ready to say “yes?”

Second, notice if any of these invitations have come to you as a result of appreciating your gifts and speaking your truth.

Third, if not, let the universe know you’re ready for expansion, to be stretched in a pleasant and loving way, a way that allows you to delve deeper into your truths and desires.

During this process, remember to play, experiment, and explore! I am always on hand to talk with you if you’d like to explore your messages from the universe!

In fact, if you enjoyed this article and exercise, and want extra inspiration or guidance, you can always reach out to me at Or why not book a call with me? There’s so much more depth we can explore if we work together… 

…But no matter what, I hope you continue to listen, embody, and explore your true self!


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